vAyustutiH athavA khilavAyustutiH || shrI harivAyustutiH || || atha shrI nakhastutiH || pAntvasmAn puruhUtavairi balavanmAta~Nga mAdyadghaTA. That’s why this Nakah stuti is being prayed at the end of vayu stuti which is the path to God’s abode heaven. The fact that this shloka is recited at the beginning. Hari Vayu Stuti โ€“ Part 1 ยท Hari Vayu Stuti โ€“ Part 2. HVS Books. Hari Vayustuthi in Sanskrit & Tamil โ€“ LHVSMP Samiti, Madipakkam. HVS in Sanskrit & Tamil HVS.

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Your discourses are convincing proofs of Sri Hari’s eminence and these released souls assimilate the truths of the precepts in as much as they had confirmed belief in your teaching stui they are now out of Samsara, having crossed the ocean of sorrow and they have trampled under their feet the terror of death.

Hanuman thus transformed many an erring soul into strict devotees.

These are just the leelas you have showed to the ignorant Oh Anandateertha Guru, the wise among the teachers Your earlier two Avatatars had a spell on Ignorant ones. Your selfless service bringing such a crowning victory was so grand-eloquently appreciated and eulogised by Sri Rama, that, when you fell prostrate at his Lotus feet, the syuti picked you up and looked upon your face with his kind eye and a sweet, rejoicing smile. You accepted this order as an additional jewel studded to your crown of stufi lustre a fresh feather on the cap and descended to the earth as Sri Ananda Thirtha and give a good account of yourself by systematically grading and enumerating the Brahmasutra and with the relevant vedic texts, you composed the Sutra Bhasya, Gita Bhasya and Upanishad Bhashya.

When the devotees suffer from the stress vayj strain of life You come to their rescue with a friendly smile and care Your compassion is an ocean with jewels of wisdom within You are near Lord Narayana who has the Lakshmi -vatsa mark We pray you to bestow upon us Jnana, Bhakti and Vairagya You are the ocean of milk, remove all obstacles and bless us. The Divine entrustment of stti abilities upon his devotees is well known.

Bheema, coming to this Earth as the middle Pandava was the second incarnation of Sri Vayu. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Vayu you have given us beautiful explnatory notes called Bhashya which was hailed with joy by the well meaning intelligentsia. Sri Lakshmi and Sri Narayana. By the grace of Mukhyaprana I pray the sage Vedavyasa And bow down to him everyday, to get sacred knowledge.


Translation One who is omini present Sri Narasimha, your nails should protect myself and like me all others at all times. With folded hands, forming a cavity and held on my head, bent in deep reverence with full belief in your powers of releasing the merited souls from the tight bonds of attachments of this world, I humbly pray to you, Ananda Theertha to bestow upon me your favours, so that I may be enabled to cut the chords of binding me to this Samsara and instill in me deep devotion towards yourself and your Lord Sri Hari.

They have gained a widened outlook, tremendous piety, for the suffering humanity, sincerely realising the profound truth of your all- prevading presence with Sri Hari. Vayu Stuti is one of the most famous Stutis poems composed by Sri Trivikrama Panditacharya in praise of Sri Madhvacharyathe founder of the Dvaita school of philosophy. Besides being a prayer, Vayu Stuti also is a wonderful literary vayy in Sanskrit language.

For salvation, God assemble to worship Srimad Ananda Teertha with the sole object of gaining knowledge and dispelling ignorance.

Vayu Stuti – Wikipedia

You thus stiti the turbulent Daitya the most egoistic among his race. It is absolutely necessary for every Vishnu devotee to understand intelligently and stti believe sincerely and to deeply feel intuitionally that Sri Vishnu is supreme with all the best attributes akhilagunagana that he is the fountain head of all that is good and that he is ever devotionally embraced by Goddess Mahalakshmi and Goddess Earth Bhudevi ; who are twin forms of eternal prakruti.

While simultaneously cuts are administered with sharp instruments.

The humble composer of these devotional verses is the son of Sri Subramanya Shastry. In pralaya extintion or laya is a famous incidence for devataas. In between there is one more story about Bhima and Hanuman meeting when Bhima’s progress was checked by Hanuman who had blocked the way with his lengthy and unwieldy tail and that Bhima sttuti not lift the tail.

Your intuitional belief encouraged your mind, strengthened your hands and sharpened your intellect and you could gauage Sri intenctions from his demeanour. Vayuputra Bheema, you also easily killed Kirmira, Baka’s brother when in anger, he appraoched you for retaliation.


This choice of Vayu was heartily cheered by all the Gods vxyu they individually requested you to do like wise.

HVS Links | Lakshavruthi Hari VayuStuthi Mantra Parayana

Maintain all your vehicle service records easily and keep track of service dates. Your disciples including myself have been trained, under your strict discipline, to conduct themselves in the most righteous path carved out for them by your versatile genius backed by Vedic authorities.

Please click the PLAY button below to listen to this sacred mantra. It is also stated Sri Narsimha’s eye which is the cause of getting Hiranay kashipu’s bowel which is being decorated in Sri Hari’s chest and in decorating the bowel nail has done the job.

Oh Lord Vayu, I bow down to your first Avatara I worship Hanuman, the strong and sturdy God You burn down all the calamities of the devotees You remove their sin, passion and ignorance You always show ideal devotion at the feet of Rama Immortal, celibate, powerful Hanuman, I bow down to you. So for a short while Daityas stalked the land and strutted about until Ananda Thirtha came on the scene to relieve the sceptic and started his mission of proving that Sri Hari’s Sarvottamattva after attacking the Mityagyana and proving that their theory is illusive.

These disciples have stored great merit deserving your kind graces.

Vayu Stuti

This act proptiated the Lord, as I construe, in a greater degree than your performance in Rajasuya scrifice wherein you worshipped the lord with vsyu offerings to the fire-god. Lord Krishna was born to Vasudeva, a Kshatriya king Vyasa was born to Parashara, a Brahmin Yogi Vyasa and Krishna are the two faces of the same Avatar In Kurukula was born Bhima to serve these two masters All have glittering bright eyes as white as lotus All are engaged in the welfare of deovtees, I salute.

Sri Madhva is the best loved and most prized devotee of Sri Hari who always is present before Sri Madhva and illuminates Sri Madhva’s hruthkamala in his hearts.