Varivasya Rahasya – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Varivasya Rahasya is a Tantric treatise on Sri Vidya Upasana by the. The Varivasya-Rahasya is an independent treatise and its commentary is by the author himself. The English translation is by Pandit S. Subrahmanya Sastri. Bhaskararaya (Bhāskararāya Makhin) (–) is widely considered an authority on all Varivasya Rahasya, is a commentary on Sri Vidya mantra and worship. The Varivasya Rahasya contains ślokas numbered consecutively.

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By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. Hence, this work Rahasyavari- vasya, has been expounded for their delight.

His style possesses a refreshing directness and precision, which is rarely found in later-day Sanskrit authors.

They should be pursued by aspirants i upasaka-s. This is what Bhaska- raraya himself says at the end of his commentary on the third sloka of his Varivasyahrahasya: After a short stay at Benares, he removed himself to the banks of the Krishna river at the request of his disciple Candrasena, a minor chieftain.

I got the rare Pt Raju’s book with a very speedy and positive service from Exotic India. The para form is of the nature of Caitanya intelligence and is the object of pure mental contemplation. The rest are available either irrmanuscripts or in print.

Varivasya Rahasyam – Samaya Sadhana

Each letter of the Srividya has its own presiding deity and special signification, and varivasyz correct knowledge of these meanings and also the full meaning of the entire Mantra is absolutely essential, if its japa meditative repetition is to bring about the desired effects.

Into this Mantra and into the worship of Sri Devi he was initia- ted by Nrsimha alias Nrsimhanandanatha, who was the author of the Sdmbhavdnandakalpalatd and the Paribhasa-sloka-s on the Lalitasahasranama. Anantakrishna Sastrin for having brought out the ‘work, notwithstanding the errors. Wl sft 3 q: Vzrivasya quotes profusely from standard Advaitic works like Paficapadika, Vdrttika, Vivararia, Bhamati, Satpkfepa- dariraka, Pailcadasi, etc.

As I came to understand that it was out of print even then, I transcribed the whole work for my own use and found therein some errors and omissions. In accepting one of several meanings, the context and the aim are the two indices. Send as free online greeting card.

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Full text of “Varivasya-rahasya”

At Benares he built the temple of Cakresa; at Mulahrada a temple was dedi- cated to Panduranga; temples were built for Gam- bhiranatha in the Konkan country and Vajresvara at Ramesvaram. This has been published along with 39 Satafloki, which summarizes varivsaya various Mantra-s embodied in the Saptasati.

T his is the meaning of the first Group. This work deals with the worship of Sricakra in the various parts of the body without the use of external symbols. Thus far, only a very little has been said. More than ten years ago, I happened to go through the printed edition of this work edited by Mr.

For, Kamalakara Bhatta composed his JVirnajasindhu in the year of the Vikrama era, corresponding to a. However, the second Ha of the second Kuta should be connected with the Sa in the third Kuta, As there is Sakti in every one of the Aksara-s, as Sakta-s also understand it in that manner, and as they [the Aksara-s] are considered to be identical with the Sakti-s, Varna, Iccha and others, this is the Saktartha.

The four SparSa-s originate from the three Kamakala-s and the third Ikara. Anantakrishna Sastrin for having brought out the work, notwithstanding the errors. He initiated his wife into the worship of Srividya and gave her the name of Padmavatyambika.

Certain passages from his Varivasya- rahasya, Setubandha and other works are pressed into service in support of this view. For purposes of internal worship are Supreme Goddess is invested with three forms: Umanandanatha, a disciple of Bhaskararaya, composed his Nityotsava in a. One such anecdote may be narrated here.

It has now become the Bhdtta- candrika, as it contains all the sixteen kolas.

At this stage Kun- kumananda Sarasvatl, a learned Samnyasin and rxhasya ardent devotee of Sri Devi, turned to the Pandits, and told them that their attempt to vanquish Bhaskara- raya was entirely futile, as Sri Devi Herself was speaking through Bhaskararaya.

This short biography of Bhaskara- raya has been published along with the Lalitasahasra- namabhasya by the Nirnayasagara Press, Bombay.


The Samvat years in which the Lalitasahasranama-bhasya and Setubandha were com- posed correspond to and respectively of xviii varivasyA-rahasya the Christian era. This work appears tahasya be the first treatise which Bhaskararaya wrote on his favorite subject, Srividya.

Krishnasvami Sastrin reached my hands, as also a Malayalam edition printed about twelve years ago, with sloka-s, and of the text excised and two new sloka-s 1 added at the end, with a Malayalam commentary by Kandiytir Mahadeva Ayyar. There is thus a discrepancy of ten years which requires to be explained. Ramachandra Ayyar, Retired Engineer, Kumbakonam, with corrections carried out and omissions supplied, after comparison with a palm- leaf MS.

Ramachandra Ayyar, Retired Engineer, Kumbakonam, with corrections carried out and omissions supplied, after comparison with a palm- leaf MS.

Viewed times since 24th Jun, The three fires are the medium through which the Vedic rituals are to be performed. This Gayatri has itself two forms: His Guptavati had its birth at Cidambaram, in the year Pramoda of Samvat The Veda is the sole and ultimate authority on all matters of religious belief and practice. That his poetical talents were of no mean order varigasya proved by the choice quotations extracted by Jagannatha in his biographical sketch. I cannot adequately express my sense of obligation to Mr.

Ramachandra Ayyar, by the intro- duction of rahasa changes which we considered suitable.

Sri Lalithambika Temple – Varivasya Rahasyam – Samaya Sadhana

His stern denunciation of the ignorant people, who indulge in the show of mere external woiship and disregard the inner and more important method expounded by him, deserves special notice and consideration.

I now realize your greatness. Krodhisa K along with Srikantha aKona- traya, i. Accordingly Narayana Bhatta and his followers took themselves to the Yagaiala, where they were cordially received by Bhaskararaya.

Nadanta has the sheen of lightning and resembles a plough rahssya a Bindu attached to the left.