29 Mar Tratak Meditation is one of the most common meditations for concentration. This meditation is very easy to practice. And it has many benefits for. 1 Nov Tratak meditation is one of the simplest and most accessible forms of meditation, but it is not to be taken lightly. It takes discipline and. Tratak meditation method is one very powerful ancient practice that can help a person to make some very significant spiritual progress. People also call it.

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Dharana Darshan by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati has an entire chapter devoted to the practice. We have seen how the sight is the most powerful sense, and how it is a direct door to influencing our mental states. Focus on the candle seen in your mind. The object of focus in this situation is the third eye. You can close your eyes after a while. Otherwise, you might experience a headache.

Tratak Meditation Techniques For A Cleansed Mind | Styles At Life

Tratak Meditation Tratak Meditation is one of the most common meditations for concentration. Gaze at the tip of your finger for some moments until you are comfortable with it. Your eyes start to develop just two weeks after conception, with the retina and the optic nerve developing as a direct outgrowth of your brain. Does this scare you? Keep your awareness in the eyebrow center and let the image build up for you, just as it did when you looked at it externally.


In addition to diminishing the levels of stress, you are able to achieve clarity of mind. Hindu scriptures say that the practice of Tratak develops the faculties of greater intuition and that the past, present and future all begin to appear with equal clarity. This practise is also advised for adults and children to gain better focus and concentration abilities.

Tratak Meditation | The Art of Steady Gaze

The impression you would receive would be like a photograph taken at a slow shutter speed. After 1 to 3 minutes, meditafion eyes will be tired or tears may be coming. This energy that has entered through the eyes now increases energy in the Pineal gland and increases and improves its function. The eyes are also kept immovable and half-closed, to minimize the need for blinking.

In most cases, the individual has to focus on an object or the inner self commonly known as the third eye. Trataka meditation is a powerful Yoga technique endorsed by Swami Satyananda Saraswati in A candle should be three to four feet 1 metre plus away, the flame level with the eyes.

Are you ready to enter a new world of meditatioh flow and relaxation?

mfditation This is an easy technique that anyone can benefit from, and ideal for the beginner. There are three ways of doing Tratak that I have experienced. I like the idea of using a mandala.


You have to be committed and make the sacrifice of time for it to work. It is also recommended to rest medittion eyes on the leafs of a plant after you opened them.

Trataka Meditation: Still Eyes, Still Mind

The benefits will prove it is worth the efforts. But a year later, when I tried them again with a better understanding of their value, I began to really enjoy them. The same is true regarding your breathing — it changes according to the emotion or mental state you are experiencing in every moment.

Trayak order to perceive through touch or taste, we need to be in contact with the object. Each type of mediation recommends minutes of focus, but you can always start with minutes and gradually build from there.

Fear as Motivation, or Obstacle? There has been very little scientific research in this practice example. Celestial Being August 12, Spiritual This megapixel camera can distinguish over 10 million colors, and process information as quickly as your ethernet cable.