Transylvanian Sunrise has ratings and 10 reviews. Jeannette said: Като никога просто нямам какво да кажа. Или имам, но не ми се занимава. Книгат. 27 May The Paperback of the Transylvanian Sunrise by Radu Cinamar, Peter Moon | at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Radu Cinamar Transylvanian Sunrise PDF – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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I breathe deeply and I turned in his chair. Sarmizejetusa was the capital of the ancient Dacian Empire. Genetic combinations Climbing on a specially brought tripod the table surfaces can be seen. Tapping one of the sguares, the hologram shows the structure of the human transylvanian sunrise radu cinamar.

If he were forced cinwmar to follow called path, even if this path is highly beneficial, it would mean that freedom s is practically annulled.

Transylvanian Sunrise by Radu Cinamar

Keep in mind that this book would never even have happened if it were not for David making his original trip to Ro-mania and then making contact with me. Rania rated transylvanian sunrise radu cinamar liked it Jan 22, In fact, this merger by joining the Masonic groups will create negative changes in the aura of being so deep that, as compared the status it had before joining it will be forced to recognize the fundamental nature evil freemasonry transylvanian sunrise radu cinamar the guidance.

There is always hope, just to know them feeding with great faith and purity. Caesar was considered the ideal person for this plan, but co-option action had to happen guickly, not to leave too much time to think and also to avoid unpredictable side of him.

Unbeknownst to most, there is an ancient sphinx located in the Bucegi Mountains of Transylvanian sunrise radu cinamar. He then told me that he has information top secret that comes directly from the Pentagon’s General Staff and that this information is refers to a certain place in Romania. While it is not proper to reveal the entire outcome, the Americans do join forces with the Romanians and penetrate the mystery in a joint effort.

It would have been invited leading scientists to study and research. In fact, it is a devilish trick, one that falls into its place without be transylvanian sunrise radu cinamar not to choose one of the lodges – believing that bad – but it will choose the other, who will think is good.

Basically, It did not matter at all if I lied to them or not anyway xunrise it would not be met extravagant promises which I never had them.


Transylvanian Sunrise – Radu Cinamar – Google Books

The wall material was somewhat rough to the touch sunrse it could not be scratched or bent. I knew that shnrise the current era, the general trend of humanity is to slip on the slope of moral decay, ethical and spiritual, yet I transylvamian that good can overcome this state of depression in people.

That even evil has a purpose in our lives? But before this gate, there was a huge energy barrier. The second dam, but the energy was huge, like a dome or hemisphere that located at the opposite end of the tunnel, near the center of the mountain. Other countries in the transylvanian sunrise radu cinamar did not know anything of this problem, and the Americans know well that there are always some very powerful countries would be united with Romania to support immediate public transylvanian sunrise radu cinamar.

I understand that the elite did not transylvaniah all Masonic advertising if you plan to have, but on the other hand, a direct order, the very top, it would be increasingly sophisticated meetings with senior exempt Massini.

That is why he was sent a representative Bilderberg’s leading expert in the psychology of recruitment, transylvanian sunrise radu cinamar, moreover, was fitted with certain distance psychic influence. It seems that Massini told, full of pride, something about the discussion held with me, personalities high-ranking political hierarchy in Europe and so I learned, actually “score” the first real meeting. Peter Moon is brought into the fold through his Romanian Publisher who just happens to be the publisher of transylvanian sunrise radu cinamar remarkable story.

The Dadu were a very advanced civilization. To understand better, evil rituals and invocations are made only those members who have reached a certain rank or position high in the tree the lodge to which they belong. Considerable effort went into this, and it was championed by the Carter administration, but the Pentagon killed the program, telling S. The Great Gallery was now show in its entire splendor. Content-wise, I transylvanian sunrise radu cinamar it a highly significant disclosure — about our supposed transylvankan cabal, about our extraterrestrial connections, about the truth of our identity and history, and about the paranoia of the dark corners in US government cinamaar such things should be known.

But most importantly it would have revealed the truth about the very distant past of humanity and the real transylvanian sunrise radu cinamar which is almost entirely counterfeit. Colossal diplomatic pressures coming from the United States of America on the Romanian Government for not disclosing to the whole world this discovery led to a temporary agreement between the two countries and an unusual collaboration in scientific and military special team went to Sea shipment.


Xien, who monitored Cezar and kept him on a positive path.

This is very important to correctly understand how Freemasonry action. Perhaps the mission was regarded as vital for Masonry transylvanian sunrise radu cinamar and she really needed to succeed.

Practically speaking, these tests are our confrontation cinamzr the forces of evil itself, which Plans are subtle and satanic demon creation. Cezar, however, does not suggest that he is the be-all end or any such thing.

The only explanation of the technology used would be that somehow covered the main entrance to the tunnel after activated energy barrier of protection, but it would have involved a huge amount of rock not to mention the tools that were needed for such work.

Besides dealing with individuals with mysterious powers, Department Zero dealt with all sorts of anomalous and psychic phenomena that would appear in the country.

It would also stand to reason that, in cer-tain cases, controlling forces whether they be ETs, jinn, or some other type of spiritual entity placed an imprint on the affairs of man. I was all eyes and ears ready to listen to explanations I gave them valuable Caesar. So, But evil] is the creative role of humans test. Here, certainly has a great influence personal destiny, and some very deep trends in mind sub-conscious, but even when the strength and determination of these impulses seem to be insurmountable, is transylvanian sunrise radu cinamar a certain percentage and freedom of choice.

Transylvanian Secrets 4 books. Transylvanian sunrise radu cinamar received a special intervention of the Pope who called for moderation before this great fundamental step for mankind.

Unfortunately, people transylvanian sunrise radu cinamar become well some “robot”, listening to the orders they are given and just executing them. This single command canceled the energetic barrier transylvanian sunrise radu cinamar also opened the stone gate. Lord’s Massini plan went down the drain. To ask other readers questions transylvanian sunrise radu cinamar Transylvanian Sunriseplease sign up. Three people from the first special intervention team were very close to the invisible barrier.

It is clear that the option or choice you make, man can headed, metaphorically speaking, to hell or hell or to heaven or paradise.

The new book, Transylvanian Sunrise, is not only trasnylvanian an incredible discovery that will change the way humanity looks at itself; it is also a book about the remarkable circumstances surrounding the discovery.