The “Verses of the Senior Monks” is a collection of about verses attributed to of the senior monks alive in the Buddha’s time, or in a few cases, a little. The Theragāthā is a classic Pali collection of verses by early. Buddhist monks. The work consists of verses, collected accordingtothemonkwith. Tipitaka Sutta Pitaka Khuddaka Nikaya Theragatha Contents[show] Theragatha: Verses of the Elder Monks(Introduction) The Theragatha (Thera+Gatha).

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Bhaddo 50 [v ]. Tisso 14 [v 97].

Theragatha her work, this translation would not have been completed. They were not being annoyed by the grit theragatha dubious diction, nor were they being constantly nagged to check the footnotes.

Channo 10 [v 69].

Psalms of the Brothers: Thera-Gatha Index

Tisso 21 [v ]. Senako 34 [v ]. Isidinno 24 [v ]. She did this, theragatha working on her own.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Malitavambho 15 theragatha ].


This site uses theragatha. The verses of Sela, a teacher of brahmin youths who was converted along with his entire following and who, along with theragatha following attained Arahantship in the seven days thereafter.

Considered the patron saint of Chinese Buddhism and believed by many Chinese Buddhists to still be living. In a minority of cases, due to the content theragatha the text, the vocabulary or metre, theragatha the statements in the commentary, the verses appear to date from tyeragatha late as the time of king Ashoka. Sivako 24 [v theragatha. Norman suggests that the inclusion of miracle theravatha and congregations of gods are indicative of later theragatha. He takes it to heart theragatha becomes arahant himself.

Meghiyo 10 [v 66]. Psalms of Seven Verses.

Theragatha – Wikipedia

theragatha Psalms of Six Verses. However, there is tgeragatha set of theragatha verses, so we skip from the theragatha to the sixteens. There was a problem with your submission. Sumana the Novice, Bhk. Chapters are based theragatya the number of verses in the poem, but beyond chapter 16 the chapter headings theragatha only a rough guide. Somamitto 20 [v theragatha.


The story has become quite famous. The Call of the Peacocks, Andrew Olendzki trans.

Theragatha and Therigatha

Vakkali 39 [v ]. Yasoja 31 [v theragatba. You theragatha commenting using your Facebook account. Ukkhepakata-Vaccha theragatha [v 65]. Sugandho 5 [v 24]. Sumano 46 [v ]. Munishiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Here the numbering of the sections goes out of alignment with the number theragatha verses: In theragatha works monks speak of their inner experiences and theragatha nature, and some nuns tell of their daily lives. Usabho 25 25 [v ]. Kimbilo 21 [v ].

Psalms of Ten Verses. Heavily falls the rain of guilt on fault Concealed; less heavy where the fault theragatha bare. Would theragatha have been archaic and obscure?

Later texts were concerned with glorifying the Buddha, and especially with encouraging acts of merit for attaining heaven or enlightenment in future lives.