Rupa Bajwa is an Indian writer who lives and works in Amritsar, Punjab as well as spending time in various other Indian cities and towns. Contents. 1 Novels; 2 Columns; 3 Works; 4 References. Novels[edit]. In , she published her first novel, The Sari Shop, which explores her. The Sari Shop: A Novel [Rupa Bajwa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An impressive debut, full of lean and lyrical prose. ―Ligaya Mishan. The Sari Shop [Rupa Bajwa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Spending unfulfilling days working in a fabric shop in Amritsar, Ramchand is.

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But Rupa Bajwa pulled it off effortlessly. Shabd Studio Giving power to Words.

Ramchand stays home two weeks without authorization trying to figure out what to do. It built up this huge climax, but then just stopped. Meanwhile, I think the author has managed to be a part of the novel too, literally, through the character of Rina Kapoor.

The Sari Shop

Ramchand spent summers with his grandmother. Although he has long accepted his plight, he begins to be awakened to the unfairness of the social structure. Through his work at the Sari Shop, Ramchand becomes acquainted with the absolute wealthiest famlies in town and even arranges a quick and dirty invitation to the wedding of one of Amritsar’s wealthiest daughters.

Then, comes another excursion, the sari shop by rupa bajwa sent on an thf to report the whereabouts of Chander another salesman.

The Sari Shop is too simple for some readers and they might think it is boring till they arrive at the second part. This systematic destruction of Kamla’s life creates a moral crisis for Ramchand.



But, it would be unfair to say that passage through the book is dull, drab or covered with grime like the walls of the small bg where Ramchand lives. What is the most beautiful thing, in the world? It brings him face to face rupz the cruelties that lead him to this misery in the first place.

It swivelled around freely when touched and had no effect on the speed of the fan. He stays home like a walking dead for 13 days in home, unconscious of his own actions. Jun 03, Book’d rated it really liked it. He badly wanted to change things, to change the ease with which the rich escape the sari shop by rupa bajwa and the poor get framed.

The Sari Shop is a the sari shop by rupa bajwa that forces you to humanise the people who work for you – your drivers, cooks, maids, gardeners, and those like Ramchand without whom the great urban commerce would fall flat and all your convenience destroyed.

Refresh and try again. A sensitive young man who had lost his parents when he was 6 years old when there bus tipped bajwaa. Ramchand, a tired shop assistant bt Sevak Sari House in Amritsar, spends the sari shop by rupa bajwa days patiently showing yards of fabric to the women of “status families” and to the giggling girls who dream of dressing up in silk but can only afford cotton.


When it comes to feminism, many middle and upper class women don’t consider poor women a part of the movement. Here begins a new adventure for Ramchand.

However, there are the sari shop by rupa bajwa few character portrayals that probably did not require as much dealing that in turn tends to mislead the reader. The story takes a turn from this point. This aspect makes the story more realistic. The few words she spoke, created in him a spark that will forever change his life.

Published June 17th by W. Rupa Bajwa has done tbe excellent job and complete justice with the format and theme bajaa this book.

Rupa Bajwa – Wikipedia

He himself wonders why he feels out of step with the world. The second time he goes to his house, he finds his wife alone, a rum bottle in hand. I felt exaspera Life is simple, if you stop thinking and feeling, but then there is no life!! The Sari Shop by Rupa Bajwa. Ramchand did not leave school with the sari shop by rupa bajwa knowledge of English he had hoped to achieve. Each of the character’s in the book are portrayed with skill and very realistically.

The Sari Shop has been translated in several languages, among them: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Will look up more books by this author.