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Starting a Home Business MTTB (The Basics)

starting a home business

Starting online is more than just picking an affiliate, a system or something you see online and deciding this is your path to financial glory.

Find out about the My Online Business, MTTB 21-steps System

First having an understanding of working online is very important as it’s not just about starting a business and working out how to do it. But the ongoing costs.

Yes, as you work online you don’t pay for things like

  • An office
  • Fuel to drive back and forth to work
  • Overheads of a factory, shop etc
  • Franchise fees
  • etc

The Mttb 21-steps System is here to give you the understanding and the basics to work online. It is a low-cost training program for people who are new, had experience in working online.

How does the MTTB 21-Steps System work?

This is the exciting part. the MTTB training was created with you in mind. As new information ideas are made, any training step is updated so you have the latest and most informed training online.

In fact, you can use these steps training in any business. Here we talk about getting up and started so you are in a position to move forward with ease.

Ok, so you are looking at a home business, an affiliate program or something that will give you an income for various reasons.

MTTB 21-steps System is the best online training as it shows you the basics and moves you through how to work online. These steps are great as the information can be replicated anywhere

  • People look for a business and click on a link similar to this
  • Read and watch the video on the offer
  • Move onto the payment http://davidwaters/payment
  • Then within 24/48 hours a coach will call and discuss the training
  • Download Skype as This is a great way to talk to the coach and share screens to show each other what your doing
  • You now have your own private site on the internet with your training program
  • The coach would have opened 2 or 3 steps for you to review and take notes
  • Then you make a booking to talk to the coach and discuss any questions you have.
  • Then further steps are opened
  • Soon you would have made your way to becoming an MTTB Consultant.

What is the MTTB 21-Steps System?

  • Done For You Sales System, paying you commissions and you not you ever having to pick up the phone.
  • 21 simple steps to making your first commissions even with no computer skills
  • Personal 1-on-1 coach who have all been through what you will and made Big Commissions in this business
  • Daily training webinar and training with the latest information on working at home
  • Insider access to effective sales funnels and best-selling products
  • The best phone sales team which will look after you and talk to the clients on your behalf, and you still get the big commissions.
  • Products a delivered for you
  • Many tools to ensure you understand what to do
  • Access to the best online pages with extensive information and help
  • An amazing  Affiliate Opportunities: there are some of the more profitable products in the home business today
  • Get the best traffic through one of our programs unless you want to get them yourself.
  • Live Training courses as we travel the world talking to people like you
  • etc

This is an exciting period as you have  access to

  • Banners
  • Links
  • Life Time Training Webinars

You will then have an idea with my help to decide on your future.

This is where you can decide how to use this to improve your income.

Yes, you will be shown different levels to which you can decide to go to the next level. These are totally optional but will improve your income levels.

Now is a great time to be part of MTTB where you make 90% Commissions >>

Become a Group?

Could you work with your family, Friends or fellow workers? It is possible to build this business quicker as each person has a task. Imagine 4 people in a team?

  1. Social Media
  2. Blog
  3. Movies/Videos
  4. Emails/Follow up

Learn more about working at home doing the 21 steps

The Family Team Find Out More about the Family Team


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