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Up front, if you’re looking at working at home. You must look through this website and find out what is needed and how you can start making a living online.

Many people looking at working online are been caught out by not been told the whole story about working online.

We watch many websites, banners etc talking about

Join XYZ and live the life you have only dreamed about

In fact, there is a mixture of

  • Scammers
  • Good Quality Businesses

It finding which one is ligament and which ones are just after your money and tomorrow the site has gone.

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The Expenses Of Your Job

Working at home has been around for a while now. And it is becoming the new economy. Many people are moving from the 9 – 5 job to start working at home and making a new lifestyle which will 

  • Replace a lost job
  • Allow Moms to work at home
  • 2nd Income
  • Challenge new enterprise
  • Unable to work via disabilities, injured etc

You see you can work at home now and when you have the right way. You will be able to make the living that you are after. 

Think of Your Life Today

Many people are going to work and are “STUCK” as they are at a job they may not even like yet it is paying for all those things they want. Now, been caught up in the costs of the NEEDS.

Have you seen how the biggest costs in life just keep going up? Utilities, Mortgage, Rent are a big part of our weekly expenses.

Then you have the dead costs which you pay for and just have to, to keep your job


  • Clothes for work
  • Gas/Fuel to travel to and from work
  • Added service costs due to mileage
  • Time lost in above travel
  • Coffee, Lunch, and snacks (healthy or not)

Remember your travel, well many people would lose 2 hours a day at least just in travel to and from work and getting ready, getting dressed, etc.

So, in short, start each week you’re losing out. Not only in 10 hours on average lost in travel, but, the cost of car repairs, Gas/Fuel, clothing and a lot more.


So Is Working at home Cheaper:

It is only if you get the right information to build your business the right way.

Remember one thing, you must know what you expect and what to do. The big thing is knowing what and who to trust.

Now you may have your own products to sell or like many people are hoping to become an “Affiliate” 

Note: An affiliate is a person who sells other people products and makes a commission/s on each sale. 

The question is what is the best thing to do and how do you make this happen.

Case Study Work At HomeTraining

This is the biggest and most important thing you can do before you do anything else. 

After all, do you know what and how to

  • Be an affiliate
  • Market Products
  • Sell Those Products
  • Deliver those products
  • Then get the Right Commission

Chances are you probably 

  • Do know
  • Have some idea
  • No idea but want to do it

That’s perfectly ok whichever one you fall into. The important thing is to know what do to.

Many companies you will see have people who will help. Maybe by Helpdesk either by Email, Online Help or Phone

What I suggest is do this one thing

Think carefully the reason why you want to do this. Then work out if indeed it will work for you. Realistically to work online there is an outlay, unfortunately, nothing is free.

The good news as an affiliate the original outlay is


  • Computer and or Laptop
  • WIFI

That will get you started, there are lots of businesses you can join for free and make a living out of it. As long as you know How!

It is interesting how a friend of mine, who we met back in 2015 in Bali at a 10-day Mastermind. He was a smart young guy and has since taken a lot of people through the online business and made a difference in their life’s.

What he (Matt) did was found that as above most people don’t know how to work online and that is what they want to do. 

What people need to do is actually find out how to do it.

This is The Best Thing You Can DoWork From Home

Spend a few dollars and take a training course which will give you the following

  • A Coach
    • Who will talk to you about your WHY, and take you through a training course you can do in your own time.
  • Course
    • Which discusses how a business works and what you need to know to make a living online
  • Marketing
    • Find out how to attract people to your offer
  • Commission
    • The commission you make how to ensure you make a good income and how to use it to your best advantage
  • Start Marketing
    • Then you can take other people through the same system


Sales/Product Delivery?

As an affiliate your aim to get people to the offer and to buy the product, It is at this point the sales letter or video which are very professional will have the person buy, then the business will do the product delivery.

So the steps are as followsTraining to work online

  1. You market the product
  2. Business Sells
  3. Business Delivers the product
  4. You get the commission
  5. Repeat again and again

This is the way most Affiliate businesses work this way. It’s ensuring you get the right education.

Extra Costs?

There will be other costs in an online business and they include different things, and generally are relatively cheap to use

  • Email program
  • Marketing costs ($50 per week after training)
  • Variations on this
  • Website 

Realistically there are dozens of ways of marketing and each person is very different in how they do so. Which is explained in a good training program Click Here

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