Malko Linge is assigned to tail a novice terrorist who has a plot to blow up Air his bestselling SAS series of spy novels, starring Malko Linge, was long. The Malko Linge book series by Gérard de Villiers includes books SAS Les Fous de Benghazi, La Vengeance Du Kremlin – SAS , and Surface to Air: A. Action The CIA calls a special agent, Malko Linge, a ruined prince who lives with an expensive woman – Countess Alexandra – to get rid of this nuisance of a man.

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Since that start of the series, de Villiers has produced on average 3 to 4 episodes each year. In this gripping, tightly plotted tale of espionage, Malko Linge investigates the suspicious death of a Russian oligarch in London. Before he can pull off his plan, Malko is kidnapped and nearly killed. Titles in Order Sort by: With diplomatic dynamite about to explode, Malko is sent to take out the errant agent immediately.

The author, Sas malko linge de Villiers, has told how ina friend in the French publishing business talked about the brewing success of James Bond, sas malko linge just shortly after Ian Fleming had passed away.

Latest to First First to Latest. At one time he owned a house in Poughkeepsie, New York, but during the sas malko linge of the series he elected to move to the castle he owns in Liezen, Austria and for which he devotes most of his earnings to restoring.

According to information on the Internet, each new adventure sells at leastcopies, making a fairly decent living for the writer. Translations are always a gamble as it is next to impossible to reproduce the feelings the author intended in the original.

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Linge remains a bachelor though he has an ongoing relationship with a Baroness, later becoming engaged, in a nearby town. Richard Young as Malko Linge, F. Lord of the Swallows. These stories, written in Sas malko linge and translated to other sas malko linge in Europe, continue to this day. Revenge of the Kremlin. The Madmen of Benghazi. Appalled, he refuses, but then Zhanna reveals that her husband runs a ring of Russian sleeper sad operating in the United States.


When Malko is brought in to keep him alive, the extremists decide Malko must also die. One morning, the unlucky oligarch is found dead in his bathroom, an apparent suicide.

He loves better, shoots better, fights better hah! When the CIA picks up on the rumors of this plot, they call on Malko Linge to carefully observe the would-be terrorist. Malko must find a way to free the diplomat. Eye Of The Widow Director: A complete list of the French titles is given below. A Malko Linge Novel Series: Please try again later. But once you put aside that natural bias ok, ok, I admit it!

Malko Linge is assigned to tail a novice terrorist sas malko linge has a plot sae blow up Air Force One—and the weapons to make it happen.

Sas malko linge Traque Bin Laden: When terrorists try to shoot down a plane carrying Libyan prince Sas malko linge al-Senussi, it is clear malok someone wants him dead. Few of his acquaintances know of his work with the Agency and see him mainly as a jet-setting playboy, a fact he does nothing to change as it provides good cover no matter where he travels. Though he is eligible for American citizenship, he prefers to stay foreign.

His only clue is a single finger from a little girl.

Traveling from Vienna to London to Moscow and back, aided by his former CIA handler and sometime-lover Gwyneth Robertson, Malko strives to avoid the crosshairs of deadly assassins and—almost as dangerous—jealous lovers. Being so cosmopolitan, Malko speaks many languages, several of them fluently. Stay in Touch Sign up. Malko, Austrian by birth, is truly a man of the world and his wide experience in virtually every corner is testiment to that. B Your Average Grade: But the CIA has its own plot for sas malko linge prince: To give your opinion, sas malko linge must be logged in.


This title is also used as a codename for the agent. This mission is enormously appealing, but also proves enormously dangerous, as the same madman of God who is trying to kill al-Senussi also takes aim at Malko. On the ground in Kabul, Malko reconnects with an old sas malko linge and hires a South African mercenary to assist with his mission.

This does not stop him from enjoying the favors of numerous other women during his adventures, at least until his engagement. Malko Linge is an mxlko for the CIA.

They were, unfortunately, published in no particular order, which did add to some confusion to the readers. Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe. Its hero, Malko Linge, an Austrian aristocrat, spends his time freelancing for the CIA sas malko linge order to support his playboy lifestyle. Checkpoint Charlie originally Berlin: Now that Qaddafi has been overthrown, al-Senussi is their sas malko linge bet to set up a constitutional monarchy and stem the Islamist tide in Libya.

Controversial series, Gerard de Villiers tells as nobody the violent, erotic pulsion of the world of spies.

He thought about the possibility of creating his own series and soon came up with Prince Malko Linge.