Meanwhile, he found that the Ryodoraku matching the “hand’s yo-mei large intestine meridian” also sometimes appeared in lung disease. Therefore, the. 17 Jun Background. Ryodoraku electroacupuncture (REA) uses a single needle inserted into a targeted body region or acupuncture point, after which. history of Ryodoraku treatment. Therefore, Ryodoraku treatment method is thought to be a new physical therapy which explained acupuncture scientifically and.

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Differences in pressure often change the measuring value; thus the amount of pressure should be the same on each point. The Ryodoraku method The Ryodoraku method is known for 50 years; it was developed in Japan by prof. In this way, the kidney meridian may well be called the adrenal Ryodoraku, urinary bladder meridian the urinary system Ryodoraku, and the spleen meridian the pancreas Ryodoraku.

This allowance is a physiological range; the width of 1. But in some acute cases, very mild stimulation will suffice e. Featuring a history of ryodoraku practice and methods.


It tyodoraku turned out that REPPs lie on one line, which overlaps with the kidney meridian points. Plug the power cord into a wall outlet. We are inclined to believe that the epidermal electrical stimulation contributed to the effectiveness of blinding; however, it remains unknown whether blinding effectiveness would be diminished if no electrical stimulation were applied, and whether surface stimulation itself ryodorakuu be associated with potential therapeutic effects.

Mean value was obtained by dividing mathematically the sum of the values of the 24 points the line can be roughly drawn.

Recurrence of symptoms takes place again. The pattern plotted on the nomogram elicits the law of rtodoraku phenomena which was discovered by Professor emeritus, Takagi, from the Nagoya University School of Ryodorqku. If extremely lower than the others, it is sedated. The therapeutic points according to the abnormal Ryodoraku are shown at the lower column of the R-chart. Then, using them, perform general Ryodoraku regulation therapy. Seasonal change or over-work can affect the patient’s condition and cause temporary deviations from the normal range.


Ryodoraku is to be performed judiciously on persons with sensory numbness where they cannot supply sufficient feedback to treatment. Please inform your practitioner if you wear a pacemaker.

The RYODORAKU method – diagnostic method based on electropuncture

More treatments may be needed at first, but as your condition improves, fewer treatments are needed to maintain your improved health. Log in using your username and password For personal accounts OR managers of institutional accounts. Point location and electrical stimulation has become the norm for most acupuncturists world wide but the Ryodoraku detection, analysis and point selection for electrical stimulation is much less popular. Reports Apart from typical Ryodoraku method jobs, the program has wider possibilities.

The results are as satisfactory as those for the oriental people.

Since this range also includes statistical error, it could more accurately be called the ryodorakk range. On anterior margin of dorsal prominence and a line between 2nd and 3rd toes. The Meridian point shows physiological or pathological low electric resistance, especially when the patient has a disease or symptomatic complaints which influence the autonomic nervous system. Further research has refuted the need for making measurements at all REPPs.

While the search electrode is on the point, the meter reading has a tendency to rise. Nakatani was the first person to measure the electrical activity of acupuncture points and the first to formulate diagnostic and treatment criteria from these measurements.

Nakatani named meridian points by an easy-to-use method: Qi in the ryodorauk part of the body is referred to as Fire, referring to the Heart function and Qi in the lower part of the body is referred to as Water, referring to the Kidney function. Contact the search electrode to the grip electrode as shown in Fig. According to Nakatani’s investigation, the value in summer is higher and in roydoraku lower. Currently, the diagnosis of the disturbance of autonomic nervous system is imprecisely rendered.

The Ryodoraku diagnosis process begins with the measurement of ryodiraku conductivities at 24 RMPs. What Are the Advantages of Ryodoraku?

The Ryodoraku method

Apart from typical Ryodoraku method jobs, the program has wider possibilities. In rjodoraku words, there are twelve elector-permeable points meridian points along the LU H 1 Ryodoraku. Ryodorraku, the results are placed on a special form – Ryodoraku analysis card. The basis for making a diagnosis are following information: A common hypodermic needle may be used to introduce the current ; however, typical electrical acupuncture employs a classical solid needle together with a needle holder as the stimulating electrode.


Healthy subjects did not show this phenomenon that was restricted to kidney disease. However, TH-H 5 is displaced from the midline to a point on a line through the center of the ring finger. Ryodoraku therapy for migraine headache.

Thus, H1 is the lung meridian, H2 is the pericardium meridian, and so on. Furthermore, the average value differs according to age and sex, and even with the same subject the average value shows some change in each measurement series. Plus, the addition of an electrical current allows the acupuncturist to use a shorter, thinner needle.

Ryodoraku Neurometer Royal 8

However, when every consecutive measurement indicates the same phenomenon, one can estimate that the particular side has a disorder or abnormality. He carefully checked this phenomenon in 10 other patients with kidney disease and found it present in all, while it was never present in healthy subjects. However, Ryodoraku recognizes each abnormality and can treat them properly.

Among the many stimulative techniques, mild direct ryodorau to the needle has proven the most adequate and ryodotaku for producing analgesia. When all readings fall into this range, the autonomic nervous function of the whole body is well balanced and healthy.

Ryodoraku Ryoodoraku First, your autonomic nervous system is checked using a neurometer, a piece of diagnostic equipment specifically designed for ryodoraku. The Ryodoraku method is known for 50 years; it was developed in Japan by prof. Your ryodoraku chart can be your basis for considering other health-enhancing remedies, such as nutrition, vitamin therapy, and exercise.