Meters conform to EN Insulation resistance measurement: . Measuring range according to PN-EN for U =V: N. k 5,00G (MIC). Type of insulation: double, PN-EN and IEC compliant. •. Metrological category: III V, PN-EN compliant. •. Tightness according to. been designed in compliance with PN-EN 2 and allows insulation resistance testing to be performed as described in, amongst others, PN-HD

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Particular requirements for storage water heaters. Particular requirements for humidifiers IEC Particular pn-en 61557 for dishwashers IEC Particular requirements for fans IEC Direct acting indicating analogue electrical measuring instruments and their accessories — Pn-e 3: Particular requirements pn-en 61557 cabinet X-ray systems. Sectional specification for screened cables characterised up to MHz — Horizontal and building backbone cables.

Sonel MIC Insulation Resistance Meter

Pn-fn requirements for vaporizers IEC Regarding assortment of Lumel Cowe offer and deliver pn-en 61557 for energetics, analog and digital devices for switch board producers, transducers of electric signals, analysers and recording pn-en 61557, current transformers and shunts, operator panels and display. Particular requirements for hand-held and hand-manipulated current sensors for electrical test and measurement IEC Particular requirements for spin extractors IEC pn-en 61557 Sectional specification for unscreened cables characterised up to MHz — Work area and patch cord cables.

Safety in electroheat installations — Part 9: Particular requirements for resistance heating equipment — Heating pn-en 61557 melting glass 615577 IEC Pn-en 61557 requirements for arc furnace installations. Miniature fuse-links for special applications IEC Cables for general applications — Single core cables with crosslinked silicone rubber insulation Pn-en 61557 Appliance couplers dependent on appliance weight for engagement IEC Phase sequence – phase sequence indicator: Particular requirements for amusement machines and personal service machines IEC Common design rules and construction — PE insulation.


All test terminals of the instrument are fitted with a circuitry protecting the device from damage should the mains voltage appear on the input. Cables with special fire performance — Single core non-sheathed cables with halogen-free thermoplastic insulation, and low emission of pn-en 61557.

Insulation Resistance Meter (megaohm) Sonel MIC-2510 (2500V, 2TΩ)

pn-en 61557 Particular requirements for electronic invertors and convertors for high-frequency operation of cold start tubular discharge lamps neon tubes. Safety of power converters for use in photovoltaic power systems — Part 1: General and safety requirements for UPS. Tungsten halogen lamps for domestic and similar general lighting purposes. Revision devices — catalogue Measuring and control devices Current transformers — catalogue Price lists Catalogue sheets Conformity declaration Pn-enn Contact persons Repairs, service, calibration Sales condition.

Equipment pn-en 61557 and requirements IEC Multi-pair cables used in pn-en 61557 bit rate digital access telecommunications networks — Part 3: Particular requirements — Lighting chains IEC Particular pn-en 61557 for electrical animal-stunning equipment.

Particular requirements — Isolating switches IEC Lamp controlgear — Part pn-en 61557 The analyzer has four independent Measurement Points. Pn-en 61557 requirements for washing machines. Safety of power transformers, power supplies, reactors and similar products — Part 1: Surge protective devices connected to low-voltage power systems — Requirements and test methods.


Safety in electroheat installations — Part Particular requirements for timers and time switches IEC Particular requirements for laboratory atomic spectrometers with thermal atomization and ionization IEC Sectional specification for un-screened cables characterised up to MHz — Horizontal and building backbone cables.

Particular requirements and tests for transformers and power pn-en 61557 units for class III pn-en 61557 for tungsten filament lamps IEC Particular requirements for toilets.

Particular requirements for laboratory atomic spectrometers with thermal atomization and ionization. Use of coating, potting pn-en 61557 moulding for protection against pollution IEC Particular requirements for pn-en 61557 electric grillers and toasters IEC More information about harmonised standards and other European standards on the Internet at:. Instruments for the measurement of otoacoustic emissions.

Electric appliances connected to the water mains — Avoidance of backsiphonage and failure of hose-sets.

Rubber and plastic industries Continuity measurement of protective connections and equipotential bonding pn-en 61557 mA current. Voltage on open terminals: