Imam Shurunbulali’s Nur al-Idah is one of the great comprehensive core texts in the fiqh of worship according to the Hanafi school. In this class for dedicated. Imam Shurunbulali, Wesam Charkawi Hardback Nur al-Idah has 38 ratings and 6 reviews. Sami said: Not only is it quite a good translation of the original book of Hanafi Fiqh, it also provides extra.

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Note; the congregational prayer according to the Hanafx Madhhab is an emphasized sunna, whereas the majority maintain that it is a communal obligation. The same rule applies outside of prayer; that is, wudu remains sound if one falls asleep in these postures. The male is to raise his middle finger over the other fingers at the beginning of the istinja, and thereafter is to raise his ring finger forward, as it insures optimum cleaning.

Nur al-Idah: The Light Of Clarification

Osama Nnurul rated it it was amazing Dec 22, M rated it it was amazing Apr 30, Verily, if a person already in the state of wudu renews his wudu without intending the pleasure or nearness of God, it is classified as wastage because one is already in wudu. The Prophet God bless him and grant him peace ixah [Whoever does not interlace his fingers in water, Allah will interlace them in Hellfire on the Day of Judgement]. The Prophet God bless him and grant him peace said [Whoever washed a deceased, he should observe ghusl, and whoever carried him idzh perform wudu].

Abu Hanifa used the following proof; Allah said [. It is released generally after urinating and occasionally before. During this time, he was not linked to the field of knowledge and did not know the men acquainted with it. Purification II that one intend the tayammum to make prayer permissible for himself. Though Imam 1 Idwh al-Falah The Prophet God bless him and grant him peace said [The cover between the eyes of the jinn and the private parts of the children of Adam is when the person enters the lavatory, he says, nirul the name of Allah”].


This clearly indicates that even if an error is made it is still rewarded on the basis that the issuing of that ruling was made by one capable of performing ijtihad. The fourth type is water that is suspect doubtful with respect to its purity. Additionally, the school of an imam is not something parallel to the Sacred Law or alien to it.

A nautical mile was developed from the geographical mile. Purification 3 — It is sunna to use the siwak the brushing of the teeth with the stick at the beginning of wudu, even if it jdah with the finger when the siwak is not available. Likewise, if one undertakes a light sleep in a manner that one hears those who speak around him, then the wudu remains sound.

He then said [Woe to the dry heels from Hellfire. And if the filth passes the boundary of the outlet and is more than the size of a dirham, then it is obligatory to clean with water. Following this kind of exterior study, they assume themselves to be masters of Islamic learning and begin criticizing the former Muslim Jurists. Purification 69 However, a female is not required to open her braids — provided the water reaches the roots as is agreed upon, due to the hadith [Umm Salama who asked the Prophet, “Apostle of Allah, I am a woman who keeps her hair closely plated.

This will happen to the extent that when no scholar remains, people will take ignorant leaders as their guides.


In the first case, his prayer is not valid on the basis of consensus [ijma]. Abu Hanifa assumed the role of a merchant. Taqlid is not allowed in these issues since they are such that everyone should know and understand.

If I do not locate it, I take from the sunna of the Prophet God bless him and grant him peace and his Companions. Then his walking to the masjid and his prayer give him extra reward. The Prophet God bless him and grant him peace said [Ablution is not compulsory on one who sleeps sitting or standing or prostrating until he falls on his side].

kitaabun-Classical and Contemporary Muslim and Islamic Books

From its signs are that it is bright, neither hot or cold and at the break of dawn, the sun rises without hurul. Overall the water used to remove one’s minor impurity or the water used to make wudu upon wudu intending the pleasure of God is deemed used water. One is to do his iddah in removing the impurity without exposing the private area to onlookers. The Prophet God bless him and grant him peace would perform the major bath on the day of Fitr, Adha and Arafah.

So one is to bow and prostrate facing the qibla without reciting Quran regardless if one is a state of minor or sexual impurity; this is provided one finds a dry area. Nurl is not permissible to begin wudu until one is satisfied that the leakage of urine has stopped.