What is Heroes of Rokugan? Heroes of Rokugan (HoR for short), is an ongoing role-playing campaign (sometimes called a “living” style campaign) using the. The world of Rokugan expands before you with the new Living Card GameĀ® of honor and steel. Choose your Great Clan and overrun your. Heroes of Rokugan 3 Modules – a recently finished “living” role-playing Campaign. For those unfamiliar with “living” campaigns they are mostly.

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Bayushi is really a strange name Email Required, but never shown.

I was so certain I had a local backup of the thread with kanji conversions for all the Family names Roll20, by the way, supports playing on 4th Edition. Posted September 21, This tier includes all previous tiers, plus the Blessings of the Soul cert, which gives the bearer the ability to take one of the following advantages with XP only:.

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Heroes of Rokugan III: Spirit of Bushido

We rokygan a successful year last year, seeing many old faces return, and just as many new ones. Waka – Address form for a young prince or lord when addressed by someone older and usually in his service.

Main game will have a similar setup to pre-game in that we have two spheres of play, unlike pre-game those sphere are dependent on each other and often play off one of the main focuses for Tales of Rokugan is the crossover between spheres.


I don’t know of any place online where to find HOR 1 scenarios.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Yomi Alternatively, this cert allows the bearer to purchase a single non-banned spiritual advantage post character creation. I can’t say enough how thankful I am to the great group that run it and have preserved the rokugzn of the game we all love. If you do find them, posting them would be very much appreciated! Reward no longer available 6 backers.

Hope everyone else enjoys too. This one concluded at Gencon and used the 3rd Edition of L5R and all the modules are available below: I have found the Heroes of Rokugan website but only modules from Campaign 3 seems to be available on it.

Flora and Fauna

Posted September 21, edited. Linking to these could be useful. This is encouraged, and Drop-in scenes will be used with some regularity. We are setting the campaign in the year on the edge of the shinomen forest in Sacred Stone Village. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Weekend in Rokugan runs March 16thth. Posted September 19, Asking because we switched to it quite recently, because Roll20 maps are prettier than my excel maps. Info includes a list of Fortunes, Teas of Rokugan, Flora and Fauna of the setting, and a few other things. We try and have GMs run scenes that favor Euro times and American times but sadly I will say American times are often the majority of scenes. The Iron-willed emperor has decreed that the shinomen forest be pacified for the good of the empire and has sent the Fourth Legion to complete this decree.


The standard attachment to names in simple polite conversation at least.

Estimated delivery Mar Support Select this reward. Of livung, some of those names are not used to be translated. I’ve been unable to find much more. This one just concluded at this year’s Gencon, and while I’ve only gotten to play in a handful of modules the Heroes of Rokugan crowd produce top notch adventures. Why are you making this post?

Samurai Nikutai Yoriki Less. Dono – Title appended to the first or last names of men or women worthy of respect regardless of titles or offices held, and to office titles e.