The Tin Drum (German: Die Blechtrommel) is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Günter Grass. It was directed and co-written by Volker. The Tin Drum (German: Die Blechtrommel) is a novel by Günter Grass. Tutto nasce da sotto le quattro gonne di nonna Koljaiczek, la Grande Madre. Günter Grass (novel), Jean-Claude Carrière | 3 more credits» . The Tin Drum is based on Gunter Grass’s highly acclaimed novel which used magic realism to.

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Good ole Oskar was living in a period of war, but Grass tells us that the fable of life no matter how dark can always be fun. Other books in the series.

The Tin Drum (film) – Wikipedia

However this book uses war references in a different context just as some fiction books refers to classics. The Virgin Spring — Ingmar Bergman By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Black Orpheus — Marcel Camus Showing us WW2 – and war in general- from another perspective. The Russian army soon captures Danzig, and Alfred is shot by invading troops after he goes into seizures while swallowing his party pin to avoid being revealed as a Nazi.

I bet Grass as a young child was obsessed with the story of Cupid and his struggle between right and wrong the way young Oskar is obsessed with reading the contrasting material of Grzss and Goethe. My memories of my own grandmother now smell li Funny I missed rating and reviewing this jewel.


During the ensuing battle, Kobyella is fatally shot and Jan is wounded. Lr at the Baltic Sea, with borders to the German Empire and Poland, Danzig and its surrounding settlements were declared free in in accordance to the treaty of Versailles after World War I.

The Tin Drum

The human life with its virulent jumps through time is ever unfathomable, ever mystifying. Anna Bronski helps reveal that Agnes is worried her pregnancy is due to her relations with Jan.

Retrieved 17 November But he did it. The Tin Drum 3. Of course he didn’t have only friends in Germany and elsewherebut many adversaries as well. Perhaps realizing that he spoke a language that belonged to the world of myth and magic but not to his own century, Grass decided to convert his experiences into a twentieth century fairy tale. Powerful film of a powerful novel. Per me sarebbe impossibile, lo fa Oskar nelle pagine finali del libro. So America will become the new Fascist state?

When Alfred, Agnes, Jan and Oskar are on an outing to the beach, they see an eel-picker collecting eels from a horse’s head used as bait. He refused ta,bour grow up because he thought grownups were evil and he is constantly running away from world, looking for solitude – in grandma’s skirts, under the table his three parents are playing cards on or inside some almirah. Ergibt die mathematischen 4 Sterne.


The German invasion drives the Poles out of the city. For showing us this world tamboue another perspective.

The Tin Drum by Günter Grass

It was an assignment in a Postmodern Lit. I followed along in the ebook as I listened to the audio. For other uses, see Tin drum disambiguation. Oskar soon achieves fame and riches. La Strada — Gumter Fellini And this is what I drum: Grass is above all good natured.

Indeed, the closer he gets to the exposed raw nerve, the more oblique Grass becomes. You see, all of us, like Herr Oskar, start fresh thinking ourselves timelessly young, forever denying adulthood, jesters forever being three-year-olds. Around the Year i There is his “master”, Bebra, who enlists Oskar to join his travelling show at one point and at lw later time, contracts him to play concerts throughout Germany.

May 11, Elie F rated it really liked it Shelves: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.