Che cos’è la materia e quali sono le sue origini? Che cos’è la mente? Può sopravvivere alla morte? In Dio e la nuova fisica, Paul Davies ripropone una serie di. Davies, Paul, Dio e la nuova fisica (Milan: Arnoldo Mondadori, ). Davies, Paul, La mente di Dio (Milan: Arnoldo Mondadori, ). Dawkins, Richard, Il. Browse Pages. Bands, Businesses, Restaurants, Brands and Celebrities can create Pages in order to connect with their fans and customers on Facebook.

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Maybe you could tell me what it is about? It is clear that this la mente di dio paul davies adequate guidance when we are tangling with ultimate questions? He has proposed that a one-way trip to Mars could be a viable option. He doesn’t try to introduce any universal theory, of everything, but states purely that the existence of everything is too complex for the mere random arrangement of pakl.

You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Paul Davies is really smart. I menfe sure that he knows a lot about math and physics.

Become a La mente di dio paul davies Author. It is clear that this provides adequate guidance when we are tangling with ultimate questions? Nov 04, Damien Rappuhn rated it liked it Shelves: Without this assumption that the pauo are real, science is reduced to a meaningless charade.

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Davies’ argument is strange, arguing for God’s existence by the radical contingency of the universe rather than by logical necessity as with the popular cosmological, ontological, teleological arguments. But then Davies blows it away with a reference to Occam’s razor. Perhaps this will amuse some at the later years of their life but as a young person, with a deep desire to solve some of the ‘real’ problems of this world, this book was a complete waste of time.


Yes, grown-ups are very, very, very strange. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason – for then we would know the mind of God.

God and the New Physics

Also, Dear Popular Penguins Just like the survivor of a catastrophe, many coincidences and fortuitous events had to occur for life to happen. Instead it proposes many different theories that support its hypothesis of an ordered yet potentially evolving universe. Davies, Paul, La mente di Dio Milan: I think Davies is also in this camp, though he may attribute a bit of the watchmaker theist god in terms of the evolving universe.

He’s not as pushy about his beliefs like Dawkins is in his books, but he is very very redundant. While I found the mathematics and some of the arguments a bit “heavy” going at times, Paul Davies explains quite clearly among other things, the very delicate balance needed to pakl exactly the conditions required to permit life in the universe.

This is probably the oldest metaphysical problem davues the book…Through our own selves constitute our primary experience, we also perceive an external world, and we project onto that world the same paradoxical conjunction of process and being, of the temporal and the atemporal. God and the New Physics by Paul Davies.

It is not limited by a dogma it must defend, but rather open to many different ideas. It is a book on science. This is suggested by the mysteries that lie outside the scientific realm mainly the existence of the laws of physics and consciousness and the limitations of science and mathematical reasoning.

He is one of the la mente di dio paul davies scientists who are not afraid to be politically incorrect in his positions, and who honestly explores the deep ontological and epis A very enjoyable, interesting and rewarding book.

I’ll report back sometime around For me, the Platonic argument rang very hollow as did his explanation of game theory or computer simulation universesbut because that was only one of many strands of evidence employed, I could easily disagree with him in that specific area but agree with him overall. It is a contemplation of the science-fiction like facts of the universe along with philosophical questions as to the beginning and the guide to its end.


The universe is an amazing place and Paul Davies helps us see our improbable place in it. This is one of the very best books about religion and science. Book description Come fu creato, se fu creato, l’universo?

For ravies help see the Common Knowledge help page. And I often use Conway’s Game of Life as an illustrative example. Davies has a savvy way of turning physics into a philosophical duo. To learn more about Copies Direct watch this short online video.


Everybody loves a hero. That this book is able to combine science and mysticism though a detailed and concise review of contemporary physics sets it apart as something special. Life seems amazingly improbable, but we are here. In order to support these claims, the author uses many arguments.

BookOnline – Google Books. Refresh and try again. This book is just sort of a philosophical discussion of how science and religion coexist. Described by The Washington Post as “impressive,” God and the New Physics is a fascinating look at daves impact of science on what were formerly religious issues. La mente di Dio by Paul Davies.

Its title comes from a quotation from Stephen Hawking: Can I get a copy? Of course, this remains a theory and although a lot of research has been made in favor of it, the same can be said for different theories on the universe.

But how could I resist?