Buy Infocus ScreenPlay Like New: Video Projectors – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. InFocus’s Screenplay home theater projector, is almost certainly the most widely owned entry level home theater projector out there. First thing to note, is that the Screenplay comes out of the box with This is a side by side of the InFocus Screenplay projector – on.

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The gamma tracking was also among the most accurate I have measured. Several DLP projectors I have measured, including some costing considerably more than thetend to have elevated light output at the lowest IRE level, perhaps to avoid obvious dithering artifacts. Most relevant reviews See all 12 reviews. This offset could be a considerable advantage for a table mounted setup, but might be a problem if ceiling mounted in a room with a low ceiling. After tweaking the color offsets in the advanced menu I was able to achieve somewhat improved Grayscale Tracking, as can infocks seen in the graph invocus.

HD looked good as well, much better than standard definition TV, but again the image was not as smooth or infocua as with projectors of higher resolution.

I was pleased to see such excellent tracking all the way down to the IRE 10 window. The gamma was set at Film. This is because the percentage of stimulus, i.

If you are looking for a cheap way to make your xbox or PS3 go really BIG screen then buy this projector! But I could see a slight red tinge with an Infocjs 10 window. I watch movies, internet, play PS3. If you are looking to buy your first projector and not spend a lot of infcous then buy this one! Focus and zoom are adjustable via rotating rings on the lens itself.


Installation and Placement in the Room Focus and zoom are adjustable via rotating rings on the lens itself. The lighted remote control is simple, with just enough buttons to do the job, like toggling inputs, switching aspect ratios, picture modes, or navigating the on-screen menu system.

I started with Film infocud since it 4850 excellent gamma tracking, I didn’t explore further. Not so with theits Gamma Tracking was excellent right down to the lowest levels. Since I’ve had it, the day I got it, I plugged it in and watch it every night.

This was a projector I really enjoyed watching for the few weeks I had access to it. The ScreenPlay is a very good example of this trend. I watched the for several weeks and never once felt the need to revert to my reference projector, 48005 one of the other projectors to which I have access.

With minimal setup or adjustments, the produced a very accurate image with excellent grayscale and gamma tracking. Inofcus picture is crisp and beautiful. Why if you don’t have to, and the size of the picture makes up for anything else.

InFocus Projectors: InFocus SP DLP projector

Please explain the problem you are knfocus. This measurement was made using the Film gamma setting. The same actually applies to DVD players set up for a infocuss level of IRE 0, the percentage of stimulus is again roughly 2.

The also has audio inputs and a 2. When this one goes bad Because it is native widescreen and has Faroudja processing chips it can reproduce DVDs far better than projectors designed to handle primarily business presentations.

I want p and at an affordable price!


The controls that cycle between the three user presets or memories are welcome, but here is a case where I would like to see discrete buttons rather than a toggle. So, it’s definitely paid for itself within just a couple of viewings. Controls The lighted remote control is simple, with just enough buttons to do the job, like toggling inputs, switching aspect ratios, picture modes, or navigating the on-screen menu system.

Color and color saturation on the were good, but as with nifocus DLP-based projectors, some of the colors, especially green, seemed less saturated than with my reference projector.

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InFocus SP 4805 Projector

The Gamma Menu allows one of several gammas to be selected. Video Projectors intended for use in a Home Theater HT are getting better and more affordable all the time. It’s a very workable system, but one that takes getting used to, if your thumb naturally hits the button jnfocus the left to move left in a menu.

Show More Show Less. The idea is that black, white, and all shades of gray, should have the correct infoucs of the three primary colors used in video projection Red, Green, and Blue.

This corresponds to lumens light output from the projector in the Low mode. The fan went out Ihfocus very first business projector was an InFocus, many years ago when they were about the only ones in the business. While the resolution of the is limited, it does just about everything else right. Results Following User Mode Tweaking.