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IEC High-voltage switchgear and controlgear – Part 1: Common specifications for alternating current switchgear and controlgear. How Extreme Weather Causes Premature Aging in Medium Voltage Equipment · Thierry Cormenier | February 22, K views 4 0 13 Sep IS/IEC High-Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear, Part 1: Common Specifications. by Bureau of Indian Standards. Publication date.

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Radiated field and magnetic field tests are considered to be relevant only in special cases. A failure report may include the following information: During the last quarter of the test period, the change of ambient air temperature shall not exceed 1 K in 1 h. The limit of permissible, induced interferences must correspond to the test levels iec 62271-1 in 6.

Added informative guidelines about exposure to pollution. The manufacturer will assume that, in the absence of specific requirements from the user, there are none. The tightness test of iec 62271-1 and controlgear iec 62271-1 a mechanical iec 62271-1 device shall 6271-1 performed both in the closed and open position of the device, unless the leakage rate is independent of the position of the main contacts. Each individual type test shall be made in principle on complete switchgear and controlgear but refer to 3.

In addition to the list of type test reports refer 6271-1 Annex G the first pages of the reports containing the results may be requested. Higher stresses exceeding those tolerance are permitted only with the consent of the manufacturer; c where, for any test quantity, no tolerance is given within this standard, or the standard to be applied, iec 62271-1 type test shall be not less severe than specified.

NOTE 1 The supplier can either be a manufacturer or a contractor. Iec 62271-1, a Q.

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Attention is particularly drawn to the following: This pressure is often designated as interiocking pressure 3. From 1 kV iec 62271-1 kV, the radio interference effects are negligible.


In kec particular case of maintenance in a compartment when adjacent compartments contain gas under pressure, the permissible gas leakage rate across partitions should also iec 62271-1 stated by the manufacturer, and the time between replenishments shall be not less 62721-1 one month. It is recommended that parts be tested in sequence, starting with the first connected part.

If the creepage distances do not comply with the requirements of lECartificial pollution tests should be performed according to lECusing the rated voltage and iec 62271-1 application factors given in lEC The recommended values are 0,5 s, 2 s and 3 s.

A major failure will result in an immediate change in the system operating conditions, for example, the backup protective equipment will iec 62271-1 required to remove the fault or will result in mandatory removal from service iec 62271-1 30 min for unscheduled maintenance 3.

For three-pole switchgear and controlgear with a iec 62271-1 normal current not exceeding 1 A, the tests may iec 62271-1 made with all poles connected in series. Acceptance criteria shall be stated by the manufacturer to meet the specified time between replenishment. NOTE 4 These discharges may have been generated by accumulation of discharge probability with the increased number of voltage applications or by reflected voltage after a disruptive iec 62271-1 at a remote location within the equipment.

NOTE 2 Test conditions 2 and 3 may be omitted if the arrangement of the idc is fully symmetrical with respect to each other and to 622711 frame. Information regarding service conditions and recommended test requirements Annex I informative List of symbols and abbreviations used in lEC 1 12 Annex J informative Electromagnetic compatibility on site Annex K informative List of notes concerning certain iec 62271-1 1 15 Bibliography Figure 1 – Altitude correction factor 8 Figure 2 – Examples of classes of contacts 42 Figure 3 – Diagram of connections of a three-pole switching device 56 Figure 4 ic Diagram of a test circuit for the radio interference voltage test 71 Figure 5 – Test location of radiation meter 81 Figure B.

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In this case the permissible maximum values iec 62271-1 temperature and temperature rise to be considered are the lowest among the relevant categories. Atypical configuration should be iiec. In other cases no tests are required.


The filter F shall have a high impedance at the measuring frequency, iec 62271-1 that the impedance between the high-voltage conductor and earth is not appreciably shunted as seen from the switchgear and controlgear under test.

Electrical continuity and contact resistance tests I EC The protected area shall, however, be negligible compared with the cooling area of the apparatus under test. The contact resistance value shall be taken before and after the tests, with the contacts at ambient temperature for iec 62271-1 measurements.

Part 1 General definitions and test requirements IS Vibration, shock, bump and seismic tests on measuring relays and protection equipment iec 62271-1 Section One: It has to be demonstrated by calculation from test data. The following test procedure shall be followed. This filter also reduces circulating radiofrequency 622711- in iec 62271-1 test circuit, generated by the high-voltage transformer or picked up from extraneous sources. The assessment criterion takes into account the non-linearity of the resistance.


These checks will be based on iec 62271-1 relevant set of functions. Where clearances may be compromised by environmental related changes in the service access level 62217-1 example accumulation of snow, sand, etc. Part 1 Classification of environmental parameters and their severities IS Part 2 All parts Classification of environmental conditions: The auxiliary and control circuits shall withstand the iec 62271-1 response test without permanent damage.

NOTE Corrosion stresses iec 62271-1 strongly dependant on the installation. Definitions, test and procedure iec 62271-1 lECHigh-voltage switchgear and controlgear – Use and handling of sulphur hexafluoride SFg in high-voltage switchgear and controlgear lEC all parts. Power installations exceeding 1 kV a.