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The text of the International Standard IEC was approved by ISO/ IEC Guide Uncertainty of measurement -. Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering also reflected by the older editions of the relevant standard IEC For good practice in HV test fields, this Sect. on HV measurement and uncertainty .

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Tests for assessing contributions to uncertainty which are usually considered are summarized in Table 5. Reliable values of V are as follows: For an impulse measuring system, the performance tests also show that its dynamic performance is adequate for the specified measurements and that the level of any 60060-22 is less than the specified limits.

Annex A gives a survey on how to proceed in these cases, and Annex B ief three application examples. Attention is particularly drawn to the following: Specific terms according to the type of instrument lEC This Indian Standard has been developed from Doc No.: To obtain the uncertainty of measurement of the approved measuring system, those of the components should be combined as demonstrated in Annex B.

The dynamic behaviour is determined from the step response of the measuring system recorded according to Annex C and from convolution of iex recorded step response with the nominal waveforms for which approval is sought. The ifc value is given by: In order to obtain the uncertainty of the complete measuring system, the user has to consider additional uncertainty contributions, either taken from the records of performance of the divider and recorder, or determined by additional tests.

For step response requirements of impulse voltage reference measuring systems, see NOTE No recommendations are given for the measurement of 60060- collapse since no lEC apparatus committee has yet specified a requirement.

Correlation occurs when, for example, the same instrument is used for measuring two or more input quantities. Table 3 – Tests required for an approved alternating voltage measuring system Type of test Type test Routine test Performance test Performance check Scale factor at the calibration 5.

This analysis is complex and requires deep understanding of the measurement process. NOTE 1 Different values for iigg may be given for different ranges of ice. Our prices are in Swiss francs CHF. To generate the step the measuring system is supplied by either a slowly rising impulse or a direct voltage which is chopped by a relay or a gap see Figure C.



When a switching impulse is used, ff is equal to T which is the time to peak of the impulse. In general, the measurand to be considered is the scale factor of the measuring system, but in some cases other quantities, such as the time parameters of an impulse voltage and their associated errors, should also be considered. It enables the user to compare and 6060-2 the measurement results, e. To obtain the measuring uncertainty of the approved measuring system, those of the components should be combined as demonstrated in Annex B.

The scale factor shall be determined over the assigned measurement range by one of the following methods described in 5.

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The record of performance shall comprise at least the following information: NOTE 1 The short term stability test is intended to cover the effects eic self-heating on the converting device.

The result of the evaluation is summarized in Table B.

The interference ratio shall be determined as the maximum amplitude of the measured interference divided by the output of the measuring system when measuring the test voltage. In addition, the 6006-2 of an equivalent measuring instrument, which satisfies the relevant lEC standard, shall be accepted. Tliis can be quantified by determination of tlie scale factor at different ambient temperatures or by computations based on iwc of components.

For many measuring systems, information on the transmission system as well as high-voltage and ground-return arrangements are important. Copyright BIS has the copyright of all its publications. We accept all major credit cards American Express, Mastercard and VisaPayPal and bank transfers as form of payment.

The principles of this standard apply also to higher levels but the 6060-2 may be greater. 600060-2 limits on uncertainties of measurements stated in this standard apply to test levels stated in IEC The record of performance shall uniquely identify the components of the measuring system and shall be structured so that performance of the measuring system can be traced over time.


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NOTE 3 Proximity effects can be caused by corona and related space charge effects. The principles of this standard apply also to higher levels but the uncertainty may be greater. The procedure is used to estimate the errors of the impulse parameters of the output relative to the input waveforms of an impulse measuring system. The error of uec reference measuring system is assumed to be negligible. NOTE 2 In general, the front times are evaluated from the same records of N and X, used to 6060-2 the peak values for determining the scale factor 5.

The errors of the impulse parameters of the output waveform relative to the input waveform may be used to evaluate the performance of the measuring system for a particular waveform to be measured. In addition the step response of the measuring system shall be measured according to Annex C. NOTE 2 The environment in which a measuring system functions, its clearances to live and earthed structures and the presence of electric or magnetic fields may significantly affect the measurement result and its uncertainty.

The 600602 effect need not be investigated as the divider is located outside the minimum clearance specified by the manufacturer. The resolution does not need to be considered again, in full, but rather only in a small portion as a residual Type B uncertainty. For front time this is usually the nominal epoch. This means that the rectangular distribution yields a larger standard uncertainty than the other distributions.

Any temperature corrections to be used should be listed in the record of performance. Special requirements on dynamic behaviour may be specified by the relevant technical committee. Number pairs in the diagram show the normalised frequency logarithmic scale and the corresponding deviation at the corner points of the limit lines. Influences related to the approved measuring systems, such as its short- term stability, and resolution of the measurement shall also be taken into account if they are significant during the calibration.

One or more ranges of clearances and respective scale factors may be assigned. Macmillan Publishing Company, New York,