The Dialog IP Office is a feature-rich IP phone offering the functionality needed for users working in office environments. It is also well suited as a convenience. Dialog IP Office. IP Telephone for MD Evolution. Communication System and . Ericsson Enterprise certified sales partner. Purchase the Aastra Ericsson Dialog IP Office Telephone from a UK Supplier for £ ex VAT. Fast Delivery. Call Now or Buy Now.

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Password menu presentation If you are not using a password to log on, you can set your phone ericeson bypass the password menu during the log on procedure. When new application software is available, the following display is shown: Page of Go.

Ericsson Dialog 4422 IP Office

How to fill in your setting form for search profiles: Kffice you want to delete an entry when you are in the Call list: This text should then be hidden.

This is the most common option.

If the key is already programmed, the number or function will be displayed. Select one of the options below: Dialog IP Office Settings Change ring signal for a Monitoring key The Monitoring keys are programmed by your system administrator, however you can change the type of ring signal from your phone.


Also the Mute key lamp is on to inform that there is no microphone connected. As you can log on to any IP phone in the network by using your extension number, every IP phone automatically works jp a free seating telephone within the network. Press to store the framed language. You can also press Inquiry or a free Line key. This takes about 15 seconds. Filled symbol indicates the current setting in the shown list. Press to put the first call on hold. If a password is not required, the display shows your name and extension number, and the phone is ready for use.

Press to return to the first call. By removing these preprogrammed functions, the keys become available for programming.

Your phone is automatically logged on to execute the SOS call. If Call Waiting is not allowed, you will continue to receive a busy tone. The display shows the reason, and if entered, time or rialog of return.


Make sure you use as few answering positions as possible for each profile. By using common Speed Dialing numbers, you can make calls simply by pressing a few keys.

Idle phone idle mode When your phone is in idle mode, the diplay shows the time and date information on the first row, and your name and extension number on the second row. In this guide, all functions are described using the most common code.


With this feature you can be reached on your normal office phone number even if you are out of the office, at home, and so on.

A three party call is established and a warning tone is 44222. Require real time collaboration between remote parties? This ensures that goods have been purchased from Office Phone Shop. Ericsson shall not be liable for errors contained herein nor for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance or use of this material.

Ericsson DIALOG 4422 User Manual

The following diagram gives an overview of the mailbox system and the digits to be used. With the adjustable supporters and adjustable contrast, users may adjust the phone and the two-row display for various lighting conditions. Message Waiting optional If your phone is assigned with this function and if it is diverted to an interception computer, the Message key lamp is on when there are messages stored for you in the computer.