EC DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING SYLLABUS | ANNA UNIVERSITY BE ECE 7TH SEMESTER SYLLABUS REGULATION Anna University, Chennai Department Of ELECTRICAL AND COMMUNICATION engineering Subject Code: E Subject Name: EC To introduce the student to various image processing techniques. OBJECTIVES. · To study the image fundamentals and mathematical transforms necessary for.

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Types of nanotechnology and nanomachines — periodic table — atomic structure — molecules and phases — energy — molecular and atomic size — surface and dimensional space — top down and bottom up; Molecular Nanotechnology: Introduction – Multimedia skills – Multimedia components and their chacracteristics – Text, sound, images, graphics, animation, video, hardware.

Radiation Pattern of Antennas. Senior — Pearson Education — Second w w Edition.


Series and parallel protection. Details- functions of vertical pulse train- Scanning sequence details. Jacob, Power Electronics, Thomson Learning, Power Electronics, TMH, Various wireless network systems and standards are to be introduced.

Electron microscope — scanning electron microscope — atomic force microscope — scanning tunnelling microscope — nanomanipulator — nanotweezers — atom manipulation — nanodots — self assembly — dip pen nanolithography. S to different congestion control. Carr and John M. Shllabus methods introduced in the solution of ordinary sc2029 equations and partial differential equations will be useful in attempting any engineering problem.


To understand the different kind of losses, signal distortion in optical wave guides and other signal degradation factors. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Solutions to parallel programming problems — Data races, deadlocks and livelocks — Non-blocking algorithms — Memory and cache related issues.


Mode Characteristics of Fibers 3. Syllaabus the Instrumentation amplifier with the bridge type transducer Thermistor or any resistance variation transducers and convert the amplified voltage from the a instrumentation amplifier to 4 — 20 mA current using op-amp.

Optical Fiber Communication — John M. To study Microwave sources and amplifiers.

Mukesh Singhal, Niranjan G. To make the students to know about the various modulation techniques, propagation methods, coding and multi access techniques used in the mobile communication.

Mechanism of speech production, Acoustic phonetics – Digital models for speech signals – Representations of speech waveform: Numerical Aperture Determination for Fibers 6. Measurement of Connector and Bending Losses.


When huge amounts of experimental data are involved, the methods discussed on interpolation will be useful in constructing approximate polynomial to represent the data and to find the intermediate values. Psuedo-random Sequence Generator V syplabus Engineering Electromagnetic Compatibility — S.

Skip to main content. Picture signal transmission- positive and negative modulation- VSB transmission- Sound signal transmission- Standard channel bandwidth.

Thyristorised Power Controllers, Wiley Eastern Gunn Diode — Characteristics e jjiinn p 3. Sampling speech 9 signals, basics of quantization, delta modulation, and Differential PCM – Auditory perception: To learn the ayllabus modes of distributed computing using message passing and remote w procedure calls. To have a detailed knowledge about authentication, dc2029 functions and application level security mechanisms. Fiber Optic Analog and Digital Link 5.