These are the Races of sourcebook contains detailed information on the major and minor races that populate the world of the Dragonlance setting. Some character races are considere unusual in Ansalon, and may not be appropriate for all Dragonlance saga campaigns. You must receive permission from. The list of Dragonlance creatures attempts to list the races that can be found in the . They are physically identical to their brethren in Ansalon, but the curse of.

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The beloved can be drahonlance from a crowd by looking deep into their eyes. Actually it is the Dragonslayers and Proud of it by Larry Elmore. Civilized humans are the most populous race of people on the continent of Ansalon. Their voices are low and soft, barely above a whisper.

They also battled for the Dark Queen on many occasions, both willingly and when forced.

Mischta feel very strong family ties, and those who encounter a long-lost member of her family will welcome the stranger as a dear friend. Bakali are courageous yet cunning enough to make less-than-obvious schemes to reach their goals.


Irda can shapeshift because their race is innately magical, and capable of great internal manipulation when unlocked. I like so need this book. However, the Silvanesti consider them belonging to House Servitor, the lowest class of social status. Contrary to the Silvanesti, the Qualinesti elves prefer not modifying the trees in which they live.

They worship the minotaur-god Sargonnasgod of vengeance with a small minority worshiping the bison-headed god Kiri-Jolith. Seacoast kender set Habbakuk high in their pantheons.

Races of Ansalon

Recipes Entrees, appetizers and desserts from other fans. Originally posted by Majere: All draconians are included.

Any more borders on overkill. Once the victim has succumbed to despair, the wight nullifies the victim, destroying the victim as well as any memories of that victim.

Change Shape A creature with this special quality has the ability to assume the appearance of a specific creature or type of creature usually a humanoiddrzgonlance retains most of its own physical qualities.

When I read these feats, I was like ‘Oh, well that makes much more sense now! In their natural form, Mischta are tall, slender creatures, averaging six feet in height and weighing pounds.

List of Dragonlance creatures – Wikipedia

You lot are in charge. These are often occupied by the Dargonesti clans. Dragoblance are of the original three races of Krynn being the creation of Gilean.


They love to collect hordes of treasure to represent their power. Dragonlande modules, and in the 2nd Ed. Many Mischta have not been to their island paradise for many years, instead wandering disguised among the other races of Krynn. In these pockets and belt pouches, kender carry a countless assortment of curios and junk.

Races of Ansalon and Lost Leaves on DNDClassics!

He’s described as still young. Gnomes are short and stocky, but their movements are quick and their hands are deft and sure. Cheers, Cam If Dragons should be sent to Wizards pretty soon, right?

It is simply a matter of making them aware of these improvements. Kender like and are interested in almost everybody.

The Ddragonlance humans of central Ansalon include the mountainfolk that live in the Taman Busuk as well as the herders of Estwilde. The leader of the Daergar wins his post by slaying all opponnets in a bloody spectacle.