Drives headphones directly; Variable output drives powered speakers or a power amplifier; Fixed output feeds preamp or AV receiver; Accepts music files up to. Buy AudioQuest – DragonFly Red USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier: Amps – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. : Audioquest DragonFly USB DAC Preamp Headphone Amp Version Home Audio & Theater.

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All in all, nice pairing! I like the small size and versatility of the RED and I like the price. As new developments arise in music player applications, streaming protocols, or other associated software, DragonFly users will be able to incorporate those updates to their existing devices.

Keep making great product Aidioqiest and Bhphotovideo ships blazing fast audjoquest incredible customer service. Against Red finish seems easily chipped.

AudioQuest DragonFly Red | Reviews | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

The hd is not a sleepy cans and can handle rock and metal very good, and so with the DFR. See any errors on this page?

It has better audio quality, lower power consumption and its totally compatible with y with Android and iOs without any trick needed like the Dragonfly 1. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

Fair enough but I certainly couldn’t have easily unplugged that sound card and used it on the MacBook Pro or the iPhone 6s. For further details see delivery estimates in cart.

Drop outs and crackles with Onkyo HFP. Sort Reviews Sort Reviews By. It will push the dynamics of the music with no trouble. And what android version are they running? Pros – – could be a solution to tame overly bright headphones – small, plugs directly to USB port so if you want to avoid cable mess then it’s a pro – good value. It features a bit ESS Sabre conversion chip that bypasses the device’s sound card to deliver higher quality sound from your Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android device use with mobile device requires optional adapters.


Portability- Some could argue that a high quality PC sound card would have improved my PC sound cheaper. Anyway I went the cheaper route with my source and I don’t feel cheated. Most importantly, DragonFly is designed to honor the music you already own and love. Free Expedited Shipping dceydwecwycbstubrfwfcczaccwxxztray. I was wondering how loud you’ve had your master volume generally with the HD?


These iem’s are very simple to drive and the DFR really boost up the sound quality, I got no hiss. Rated audiquest out of 5 by Rich from Delivers in a compact package.

From this test I can say that the DFR is pretty natural and smooth sounding, you hear pretty much your headphone with very slight coloration. The sound-signature is very natural and smooth with amazing soundstage depth and overall clarity and detail retrival. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Meanwhile, with its higher 2. I can’t tell you that it is worth almost bucks, that’s your call, but I don’t regret the purchase.

Home Pro Audio Computer Audio dceydwecwycbstubrfwfcczaccwxxztray. Sennheiser HD This headphone as many of you already know, is a ohm impedance one.

With DragonFly Black and Red, any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone can be used as a true high-fidelity music player, allowing music lovers to enjoy beautiful aueioquest wherever they go, whenever they please. Kudos to Gordon Rankin and Audioquest for this magic little Dragonfly!


The akdioquest difference between the two is the Output power, the DFB is much less powerful and can drive only portable cans and iems in my opinion. Shy of a bit of heating up less than the iPhone itself this thing does not disappoint.

However it has too aucioquest power for the M50x, it’s not that quiet with the Windows System volume at just 1, 3 is comfortable listening volume and 4 is loudish and anything above volume 5 and it’s very loud. Sound Quality With Various Headphones: Improved my system tremendously.

The DFR has more clarity and It’s more balanced overall with a better soundstage. A higher voltage output 2. Now it’s not fatiguing as it was with the E10k however the E10k had more bass but I rather give up a little bit bass than listen the too metallic cymbals, also instrument separation is better with the DragonFly Red and the overall sound is more balanced and now just bright not ear piercing bright.

I love this little thing I really do. Of course to unlock the full potential a tube amp is recommended. While DragonFly Black uses the same high-quality headphone amp and analog volume control found in DragonFly v1.

Especially if your headphones are hard to drive. Also you will be able to download to check updates for you new Dragonfly which is a great thing!

What are you using this combination with?