Involvement with Delta Chi doesn’t stop at graduation. The Fraternity needs your time, talent, and resources to support our undergraduate chapters/colonies. is the official merchandise shop of the Delta Chi Fraternity. In an effort to offer a central resource for all chapters and alumni to order general. The role of the “F” of a Delta Chi chapter or colony is one of parliamentarian, For a full officer description of the “F”, please refer to page 81 of the Cornerstone.

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While we outsource apparel delta chi cornerstone other popular items, we still hold a stock of inventory at Headquarters that we are happy to sell and distribute. The proceeds of these items will benefit the Delta Chi Educational Delta chi cornerstone this purchase is NOT considered a donation, and is therefore not eligible for lifetime giving credit or corrnerstone tax-deductible gift.

A vendor is delta chi cornerstone required to become licensed in order to resell products produced by a licensed manufacturer, so long corneerstone they delta chi cornerstone not further embellish the product or expand on the use of the insignia. Shop our online merchandise to order items such as supplies, manuals, and regalia; special badges, lapel pins, and other jewelry; flags, banners, prints.


Balfour is no longer producing fraternity merchandise under that title, but for several decades Balfour created jeweled and standard Delta Chi badges and other memorabilia. When an order is delta chi cornerstone, all information will be varied by Delta Chi Staff prior to filling the order.

In order to preserve the heritage of our name and to maintain ownership of our trademarks, we have a licensing program in place to monitor their use. You can still order classic Delta Chi merchandise through International Headquarters!

The Delta Chi Fraternity (Author of Delta Chi Cornerstone)

Many of the products are able to be customized to include your name or chapter, if desired. Promote the Lifelong Endeavor Give Now. Please log in at delta chi cornerstone.

Brandt Recognition is another cornersttone retailer in pins and badges. Supplies that can be ordered from IHQ include the basic items for operations CornerstonesAM pins, badges, thank you notesregalia flags, graduation stoles, commemorative coinsand ceremony supplies Ritual supplies, AM Ceremony Manuals, Alumni Rededication Ceremony kits. Vornerstone Vendors See Licensed Vendors. Offering a wide array of products, the Delta Chi Store provides a variety of apparel, gifts, memorabilia, delta chi cornerstone, promotional, and event-related items.

Expenses of orders will automatically be invoiced to chapter officers and applied to its international chapter account which can delta chi cornerstone found through Vault.


SHOP – The Delta Chi Fraternity

Check back often as we will periodically add special, limited-edition items from time-to-time. Please contact Delta Chi Staff if you have questions or concerns about this process. Check out their inventory of jewelry and memorabilia. The Delta Chi Store runs conrerstone promotions, so be sure delta chi cornerstone watch our blog and social media channels to catch these deals! Please contact Delta Chi Staff if you have questions or concerns delta chi cornerstone the discount program.

Any group or individual that wishes to trade on the goodwill associated with our marks, and benefit commercially from utilization of those marks, must become licensed in order to do so.

New auctions will be posted periodically — check back delta chi cornerstone

“F” (Risk Management)

Shop Delta Cornegstone Merchandise. If you are unable delta chi cornerstone find an item or if you have a recommendation for merchandise to add, please contact the online store Customer Service Department. Any and all commercial use of these marks or any marks that are confusingly similar must be granted through a license agreement.