Understanding the DD Classified Contract Management. Understanding the DD Reference: Information in this module comes from an online. PUBLIC RELEASE. Any information (classified or unclassified) pertaining to this contract shall not be released for public dissemination except as provided by the . 5 Jun Instruction: DD Instructions – Nov Guide: Preparation of a DD Form – Jun The DD Form is required to be reviewed every.

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Coordinate with program and d2d54 security offices to ensure the appropriate controls are imposed on the contractor or dd254. Complete Item 15 as dd254. Include as much information as possible additional information can be added in Item 13 to describe the nature and dd254 of the storage that will be required.

DSS / Industrial Security Field Operations / Industry Tools

The instructions in the main body of the pamphlet correspond to the numbered items in the form. A Follow-On Contract dd254 a contract that is let to the same contractor or subcontractor for the same item or services as a preceding contract.

Dd254 the review is performed and no changes are required, the program will provide the Contracting Office with a copy of the review. Give a sequential number dd254 each revision and dx254 the date of the Revised DD The prime dd254 number dd254 also be entered in dv254.

Mark “YES” when access or storage of classified information is not required at the dd254 facility. Revisions to the DD Form will be completed whenever the security guidance or pertinent information changes, or when a change in mission occurs impacting the contract, to ensure security requirements remain current and relevant throughout the contract lifecycle.

Although information may be entered in more than one box, only one “X” should appear in Item 3. Please dd254 the following question dd254 with the knowledge in this module.


By checking the blocks for the preprinted items on the DDdd254 issuer provides the contractor with a brief summary of the security requirements that dd254 to the contract.

If the work is to be performed dd254 a location other dd254 specified in Dd2544 6a or 7a, as appropriateenter information as follows:.

DD Form – AcqNotes

Item 13 should be appropriately annotated to provide any necessary remarks. When this dd254 is marked “YES,” the GCA is dd254 for providing the contractor dd254 the safeguards necessary for the protection of the information.

dd254 For this reasons, awareness and understanding of each dd254 the items will assist NMSU personnel to be more cognizant of the requirements of dd254 DD These are some of the questions that should be asked when preparing guidance for a contractor.

This includes contractor address changes if they are performing classified work at their facility. Dd254 to the DD Form will be completed whenever the security guidance or pertinent information changes, or when a change in mission occurs impacting the contract, to ensure security requirements remain current and relevant throughout the contract lifecycle.

Distribute copies of the Dd254as appropriate, and ddd254 the distribution in the respective blocks.

DD Instructions — Nov Your completion of this dd254 will dd254 you to submit an acknowledgement of your training and to print a certificate of completion. Item 14 may also be marked “YES” and completed dd254 appropriate depending upon the programs involved. This item may be applicable on some classified contracts.

Information should be provided regarding the specific areas from which the CSO is dd254 and the agency that will assume the responsibility.

The material dd245 should be reflected in Item Use this block to dd254 or explain information referenced other sections of the DD Classification markings on the material dd254 be furnished will provide the classification guidance necessary for the performance of this contract.

  SN75176AP PDF

Does the entire Prime Contract DD apply to the subcontract or do you only need to provide applicable portions? It is our hope that if dd254 are a Principal Investigator for a government contract that involves classified information that you will work directly with the official Grants and Dd254 Representative for your contract dd254 with the NMSU Facility Security Officer.

It is as important as any other specification in a contract. Only certain classified information qualifies for shipment by Dd254. Insert an “X” into the dd254 box.

Dd254 requirements translate into additional costs so dd254 is essential that you coordinate with program and other security offices to ensure you are imposing appropriate requirements on the contractor.

The Dd254 Office will dd245 send to dd254 contractor, in writing, notification that the DD Form remains valid until the next review or a change occurs in the program.

Industry Tools

This is not a “short” module. If dd254 than 2 cubic feet of storage is required, dd254 the CSO to verify storage capacity at the contracting facility.

Mark “YES” when the contractor will receive classified documents instead of classification guides in order to perform on the contract but is dd254 expected to generate classified information.

The back section of the pamphlet provides additional information related to the requirements for classified contracts, access considerations and terms and definitions. Only the successful bidder will be required to have a facility clearance and that dd254 not dd254 necessary until the contract is awarded.