David Waters Accident Survivor through Self-Confidence Find out what you need to know to ensure you are not left behind and thinking only if. Find out what you need to do today to make a difference

Job Losses South Australia 2017

WOW! Let’s Start Now and Make A Difference Today. Build your Life and be Inspired NOW

Join me in my travel through time, from a Car Accident with the outcome – 98% chance of never holding any job, no matter how David Waters Online At Homemenial. To working at becoming a Millionaire (Not there yet) But, my challenge continues helping, educating and giving people the desire to make a Difference with David Waters. Find out how you can change your future, goals replace negativity with positive and affirmative actions.

Now is the tie to think about your future and make a difference. It’s not about if, maybe, or umm, I think so.

This is for you when your ready to say YES, it is time to change your future starting today.

I have a crap story of spinal and head injuries, total memory loss, and you can read about it here

So let’s look at what you need.

Is it

  • Better Health
  • Change of Work
  • Self-Confidence Builder

One important Lesson

Whatever you want. You Don’t NEED! Now if you are ready to move forward. Forget at present what you want and work on what you need to move forward. Once you take that action of actioning your needs. One day you will be able to afford to do what you want.

You will find it all here and get inspired and start a new.

It may not be easy, with my struggles with memory loss, spinal misalignment, and problems at c5/c6 it takes time to reconstruct and move forward.

It’s like this sunset, it is out of focus but the end of a new day and the beginning of a new life.

What do You Want

Then this website will be for you. Find out how at 30 after this accident of total memory loss and still to this day is very vague. How to overcome your past challenges and make your future what you want it to be.

We all have choices, not all have been the right one,

It’s about goal seeking, taking the initiative working out your WHY

This website will have sections on 

  • Health

  • Work

    • Details on jobs, franchises and online (Bad and Good)
    • Check it out
  • Autobiography

    • Building Motivation and Self-Confidence, find out what I did and figure what you need to do.
    • Check it out
  • Scams

  • Free Information

  • SeminarsWhat is your motivation Block?

  • Coming

    • Podcasts
    • Videos
  • And Much More

This is a no B/S Site (pardon the language) But this site will give you facts about what it is like to start and run a business from David Watershome. How to look after your health. In fact anywhere after years working with local, state and international Athletes.

You will read about the risks of 

  • Not doing…
  • Working online Risks
  • Health Issues
  • Scams

If there is anything you don’t or Do agree with I look forward to your commenting, sharing and talking about it.

After a severe car accident on a deserted desert road, suffering head (TBI), spinal injuries, you will find how to change negative to positive, how Motivation was part of building a life and Self Motivation is the Key to moving forward.

David Waters Freedom is Your Choice



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