Synopsis of the novel Cows by Matthew Stokoe. Notable works, Cows () High Life (). Website. . Matthew Stokoe (born in ) is a British writer and screenwriter. Contents. 1 Biography; 2. I’m a part of some FB groups related to fiction and book clubs, but nobody seems to have read Cows by Matthew Stokoe. This is probably a.

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This book covers every putrid act you can think of and probably a bunch you’d never dream of in your worst nightmares. Steven twisted quickly on his stool. He has a new upstairs neighbor named Lucy, who just moved in and after whom he lusts, a foreman named Cripps who takes maybe a bit too much of a fatherly interest in Steven, and something watching him from the ventilation system in the slaughterhouse.

I was shocked to discover that as I worked my way through this disturbing mess. Spoilers about XYZ is done with: I just checked on his other two books and, nope, he hasn’t done that as of yet.

Matthew Stokoe

Remember learning that in HS or College?? Jan 03, Timothy O’Donnell rated it really liked it. You cowss also like More from the author. Jesus, it’s as much as I can do to walk down the street. At every turn you debovinise us!

One of the darkest and probably the most disgusting thing I have read, but I could not put it down. Trotzdem ist es matthee schon so etwas wie provozierende literarische Kunst, denn hier trifft intelligente Tiefsinnigkeit auf abartiges Szenario und derbe Gossensprache.

When he finally begins to bounce back, working as a male prostitute to make ends meet, he meets a rich woman named Bella who takes a liking to him and just might make his dreams come true. Become a Cws and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.


When one tries to see beyond the base, the physical, the filthy, one can only find death and madness. I almost stopped reading once or twice and I am not entirely a stranger to extreme readsbut the writing itself was extremely good and drew me to continue on. The book is well writeen and concise, and I’d consider reading the rest of Stokoe’s work.

Mar 30, Scarlet rated it did not like it.

Cows by Matthew Stokoe

And while reading it I have continously felt the urge to put it down. Five cows simultaneously stooke up the photocopied picture. His only companion Dog, the loyal canine his mother crippled with a brick.

A dark mass moved forward into the light. During the course of this relatively short novel the main character Steven is stpkoe with whether as a player or a spectator bestiality, coprophagia, rape, murder, and mutilation of such grand and graphic extremes that I cannot recommend this book to anyone. Through broken bones and body orifices sttokoe lies power. They are hard to find, though, and the book is most assuredly not for any but the most stout and difficult-to-shock reader.

Without hyperbole, I’ve never read any piece of fiction that has mwtthew so visceral a reaction as Cows. The weird part was that the book was actually written really well, like I’d be interested in his other books but that one was just so over the top.

And despite page after page of awfulness, there is a kind of harsh beauty buried within and that comes not from the story but from Matthew Stokoe’s language and authorial skill.

All the different themes, the protagonist’s feeling of being “trapped”, his longing for a sense of “family” which was formed solely by the things he watched on TVtje hate towards his deranged mother, etc was somehow a very disturbed and distorted but nevertheless interesting “study of the human condition” please excuse my use of this platitude.

Cows (Little House on the Bowery, book 1) by Matthew Stokoe

Refresh and try again. I’ve not read either of them. Cows pulses with brilliant language – not abstract, confusing, what-does-this-have-to-do-with-the-story, purple prose that often asphyxiates fiction – but honest, pure language so natural each word feels like it was born on the page. He’s twenty-five years old, and the only time he’s left the flat is to run up to the roof and stare out over the city presumably London and imagine what life is like for normal people.


Is COWS the Most Disgusting Horror Novel Ever Written?

Paperbackpages. Doch die Tiere beginnen mit Steven zu reden und syokoe bitten um Hilfe For Steven, and the torment he goes through, serves to epitomise the depression, isolation and torment of a young man adrift in a harsh, urban environment. That takes some skill for a writer. Just once, I think, although I may have blocked other instances out.

Ophelia a cow who has not spoken before: Thoughts, discussion questions, epiphanies and interesting links about authors and their work. Extreme unexpected violence is repellent in one way; perversity works differently; and visceral repulsion is partly another matter.

But it gets two stars from me because Stokoe is incredibly good at building Steven’s world.

OK well let’s begin with the five star rating system. Any post with a spoiler in the title will be removed. The only time I remember there being sunlight mentioned is when it is described as shading through the curtains on manky windows.

For those who need their horror to be extreme, I offer COWS as one of the most extreme of all horror novels. I still read on anyways, for some reason.