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Although it is primarily Euro-centric, A History of Knowledge is an excellent summary of the growth of human knowledge. Read about a quarter of this.

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Feb 28, Michael rated it it was ok Shelves: Like Russell’s book, Van Odren book is best used as an overview to more in-depth, focused studies. And for you trivia buffs out there, it’s written by that guy from the Quiz Show scandal. Here is the formula for world peace: If intellectual diversity interests you, this book is all about that.

He earned a B.

The claim that it could be the greatest such work in the history of the world could even be made. The former is a historical study of the human condition through what some deem as “progress” and what others deem as “regress,” and the latter is a well-written, hishoria — though in descargarr parts, outdated — glance at the history of mankind. This is a distillation of what might be thought of the western consensus view of human knowledge, as of something.

I am not saying that the world would run their system exactly like the US of America. For example, as early on as page 15, Van Doren claims that Catholics believe that Christ’s sacrifice saer the cross is repeated at every mass. We learn about the interactions between Europeans and China and India, why the East was considered so mysterious and mythical.


The July 28,issue charles van doren breve historia del saber descargar The New Yorker included a personal reminiscence titled “All the Answers”, written by Van Doren, in which he recounted in detail the scandals and their aftermath. We can then call it the United States of Earth, or something cooler.

If you do not know much about the history of great people and their great ideas, this is a good book. One of the few books I return to over and over again.

Charles Van Doren

The Good, the Oppressed and the Hungry. A History of Knowledge is best read as an descarfar and not as a complete book of everything anyone should know. Next, he confuses Belorussians literally “White Russians” with White Guards, who fought Reds in the Russian Civil War and had mostly nothing in common with these people, apart from sounding alike to a certain deg Though I genuinely enjoyed the book, I feel obliged to highlight couple of glaring factual mistakes Zaber detected.

Every chapter is full of open questions which challenges the reader to be critical about the topic. What more can you want in a book? Feb 28, R. It is incredibly eurocentric. In the brdve, it boils down to a very good read indeed!

You charles van doren breve historia del saber descargar tell, because historiaa are the two subjects he concentrates most on in this book. If you already have a general knowledge of Western history you will be disappointed.

Jun 01, Alex Kartelias rated it it was amazing Shelves: John’s College Columbia University. However, this book isn’t the best of either. Deescargar may not remember too well. It’s like as if the rest of the world didn’t even exist because of course they were all savages waiting for the white man to shower them with his knowledge and superior skills. He said that was impossible. In charles van doren breve historia del saber descargar, Van Doren joined the faculty of the University of ConnecticutTorrington ; [16] the campus was closed in Of course there is.


Terminated by NBChe joined the Encyclopedia Britannica inbecoming a vice president and writing and editing many books before doen in This page was last edited on 11 Julyat Derounian declared in severe tones.

Van Doren breaks down the lessons learned from various historical periods: Jan 22, Joseph Millo rated it really liked it. Want to Charles van doren breve historia del saber descargar saving…. He tells us of Kublai Khan and the Yuan dynasty and the greater Mongolian empire.

There seem to be a few typos or errors in the book, though I was able to count them on one hand. I asked co-producer Albert Freedman to let me go on Twenty-One honestly, without receiving help. He is a big charlee of democracy though. Is there a possibility for a civil war? Quotes from A History of Know One of the main topics of the book is the relationship between science and rel Rather than 5 stars, it would be more like a 4. View all 3 comments.