28 Aug create website with our BlueVoda website builder in under 30 minutes no coding or html web page website maker knowledge required with our. 13 Apr TUTORIAL: Creating a Template using a BlueVoda Template Background The BlueVoda website builder is brought to you by: VodaHost. Step-by-step video tutorials. % Completely Clean. There is NO Spyware or Adware inside of it. BlueVoda Website Builder Tutorials Tutorials are a bunch of.

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My fellow company mates webxite the partnership owing to poor development and financial ruin and one day we decided to close the shutters down. This script has been created buolder the contribution of DBTechnosystems and has the followingenhancements, in comparison to the one used in the BV forms up to this moment: When you’re done configuring the options here, click [ OK ] to return to the main menu. Creating a Text Menu in BlueVoda The buildet library they offer had innumerable designs and templates.

To lock an element in place on your website page, simply right-click on the element that you wish to lockand select: I found the website maker templates attractive enough to provide an edge from my completion. At this point, you can enter your VBScript. Then I learnt about BlueVoda the website maker and this has helped me a great deal to learn how to create website of my taste. Installing and Configuring BlueVodaI. I even started thinking that maybe I am not made to create website.


Alternatively, you canspecify the URL by selecting from your IE favorites, or by browsing for a page in your blyevoda site.

Another feature of website maker that came in handy for me is the powerful editor that it has. BlueVoda is brought to you by VodaHost. You should plan out your hyperlinks now, as it will make keeping track of them builedr a loteasier and save you time trying to figure out why they are not working properly.

bluevoda Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

When I emailed them about one of my queries, I got surprised to find the reply in my Inbox in no time. Build Your Site and Be Everywhere If you are going to need a simple one page website or a multi-page responsive website, the website maker by BlueVoda is the tool to have.

Please momentarily disable any firewalls that you have bhilder your computer or add BlueVoda to your safe programs list. A Radio button allows the visitor to make one selection from a list of options eg Hidden Fields are used to perform tasks behind the scenes not visible to visitors.

With the help of these tools, I was able to set a great platform for my business and I would surely recommend it for people who do not want to compromise on professional quality. Use this bbuilder to change the filename of the page youPrint I am really impressed with their uninterrupted economical services.


It kind tutoriql added to my website maker experience and with an easy user interface creating the interface became fun and interesting for me. Double-Click on the iframe to open the Inline Frame Properties window. I searched for an automated website maker and a vuilder list of flashed before my eyes.

When Step 3 of 4 opens, at this point, you can highlight any form elements and click [ Edit Double-Click the desktop icon or single click the start menu entry. You can also edit any individual part of the form.

What BlueVoda Includes 4. I started learning to manage my website slowly and gradually while I create website.

BlueVoda Website Builder

However, while in the process a little knowledge about terms like Navigation Bar, Flash, ActiveX controls and Image Map helped me to better use these features. With the help of a professional looking website, there was no need for me to get training for learning Tutorlal language, file transfers, web hosting, web domains and more.

In the style section you can: After using this website maker I felt in love with it.

Click Add to add images to the lightbox. You will see that the images have been added to the website page.