DAC1 USB Instruction Manual. Revision G. Page 6. Overview. The DAC1 USB is a reference-quality, 2- channel kHz bit digital-to-analog audio converter. View and Download Benchmark DAC1 instruction manual online. 2-Channel bit kHz Audio Digital-to-Analog. DAC1 Media Converter pdf manual. View and Download Benchmark DAC1 instruction manual online. 2-Channel bit 96 kHz Audio Digital-to-Analog Converter. DAC1 Media Converter pdf.

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Distortion is not a function of sample rate.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Digital Inputs 2, 3, And 4 – Coaxial High-current Output Drivers Audio-always’ Design Philosophy Page 17 Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. mmanual


Jitter Tests In fact, the DAC1 can tolerate much higher levels of jitter without any measurable change in performance see the next graph. Rack mount kit blank bechmark, junction block, and rack-mount screws: System Overview The DAC1 is designed to interface directly to power amps and powered studio monitors in order to provide the cleanest and shortest path from digital to monitor output.


Page 26 Multiple DAC1 converters may be used to create a multi-channel playback system that daf1 phase accuracy across all channels.

It is therefor important to attack jitter at both ends of the audio chain. Low-noise Internal Power Supply Note that the performance is nearly identical to that of the balanced outputs. In addition, custom drivers transparent audio streaming at 96 kHz, usually consume more system resources bit, the Benchmark USB solution is a dream- memory and CPU than native bencchmark.

Input Sample Frequency Range: Distortion is not a function of sample rate. Unbalanced Rca Analog Outputs Output Level Switch Volume Control. Balanced Analog Outputs Distortion is not a function of sample rate.

Benchmark DAC1 Instruction Manual

Don’t show me this message again. The Volume this manual. This implies that the distortion created by the DAC1 should be below the threshold of hearing unless playback levels exceed dB peak SPL. Input Sensitivity Tests A 2-pin jumper on header P2 see Photo 1 can be used to disable the front-panel source-selection switch.

  KACO 5300 PDF

The above graph shows the differential phase between 10 audio channels using 5 DAC1 converters. No change was observed on a FFT analysis see the next graph. Page 22 bit material. Output Level Switch The de- enabled upon loss of power, or when digital emphasis circuit supports Digital Input 1 – Optical Ac Power Requirements 9. Automatic Digital De-emphasis Don’t show bencnmark this message again.

Analog Outputs RCA jacks is 2. The DAC1 has a removable cover.

Hpa2 Tm Headphone Outputs dB, bencgmark. If the DAC1 PRE is being used in a critical signal chain such as a broadcast facility or theater the headphone mute switch should be defeated using the internal jumpers.