Part 4 – Moving Out

This is another part of my book, a story of many about living after a major TBI

It’s incredible to think that this car accident in 1990 and some 18 years are going to pass as writing this story.

It’s hard to think that there is no memory of people, places, events etc and having to start all over again. Living with someone you really don’t know at all and yet had been together for about 10 years is too many very hard to understand and yet it is like waking up in a, well there is no real words for it.

The family home was breaking up and it turned out having to leave for whatever reason was the solution. When you think at 30 your living in a town where you’ve hardly lived and then you don’t know anyone. You pack up the old car and. Well, it really wasn’t packing up.

My clothes, toothbrush, shaver and well that was it. Where do you go?

They said to find a place to share, and when thinking if I can’t live with someone I supposedly know, how was this going to work?

It’s hard to believe that you can be so unhappy in a place you don’t understand or know. Luckily I had a job and learned how to work at something that I’ve never done before. There was no chance of returning to my previous employment as a mechanic, after all, I don’t have any idea of what a mechanic does. Then again with my TBI and spinal injuries even if I wanted to it was impossible to return to this job.

There was this one couple who were really great with 2 boys and said I could stay with them, and I still don’t have any memory of them pre-accident, but, they offered a place to stay. You have to figure it’s better than the street.

They were wonderful and the boys were a handful, lol. It was like the next phase of a new life.

There was one funny story I will never forget. I was asked to drop off some keys to the guy at the tennis court. I figured that was ok. So drove over there, There were 2 games going on and walked through the gate and dangled the keys.

But, instead of putting them near the net or somewhere obvious. I walked out onto the court and handed them the keys. Everyone stopped and looked at me.

Then as leaving, I figured I must have walked in on a competition. Anyone else would have probably dropped the keys off at the net post or somewhere. It haunted me for a while after that.

Maybe it was just a game?

I was only there for a little while and knew that soon I had to move on. But where?

It was about November 1990 11 months after the accident, with just a handful of stuff. If only I could have understood there was help out there. But, since the diagnosis, getting the help of any type seemed to be nearly impossible. Even then I really didn’t know what to ask and to who.

There was this and another couple but, I still had to bring myself together to understand who I was, what is the future and…

Hard to believe how life changes from 1 accident. How one day you can be doing whatever you need to be doing and the next day, one incident and life changes forever.

It is hard to describe how you can be living in a house one day, the next your at the mercy of life. With nothing but a few dollars to your name and some clothes and an old car.

Many people talk about how hard life is, the problems of the cost of living, the troubles you hear on the news.

Yet, people do not make themselves ready for the future in any way.

Sure you may have car and hour insurance, but, what have you for your own life in case of an accident, health issue etc.

Imagine if you from day one paid yourself maybe 15% of your income and never touched it and used this money for investment, for the future?

Imagine if at 18 starting work you put away 15% of your income like I should of and at my time of accident what 15% of 12 years work would be worth.

Yet people will still buy what they want now with no obvious thoughts of the future,

Your Test, you have to stop working for 12 months. How long could you live on what you have in the bank and a basic income if you could work about 6 months after the accident?

Think about this.



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