Injuries and Work Placements

How Injuries Improve Work Placements

That is a big call no matter what you think. When you consider how many thousands of people are injured every day is a scary thought. From car accidents, Maintaining your house, Work and sports injuries etc. Think of this post as an insurance. After all, you pay insurance for your car, house, etc. So what are you actively doing to protect your future?

Many have trouble getting a job, either from the seriousness of the injury or how they deal with the injury (A big one)

If you have ever or never had one you must read this.

I sort of laugh today when I think of my accident. The specialists said. David, you have High Chance of never working again due to your injuries.

Now when someone tells you this what do you do?

This was probably the worst day or on equal terms waking up from an accident with no memory of my life, work, people or just about anything you could think of.

Ok think about it what would you do with the above statement?Do you fear retirement or are you still thinking

  1. Get depressed?
  2. Give up
  3. Think
  4. Challenge it?

Well, it was a pretty bad time I had gone back home to a wife, a son, a city, a house that I didn’t have any idea about.

No apologies needed as this was probably the best thing that happened. Having been told you have no future.

Yes, I got depressed, not moody, it would have been so damned easy and give up thinking “Oh, well…”

You guessed it, it leads to a lot of thinking, about what the….  happens now?

Just think what would you do?

Many people get depressed, turned to drink, drugs etc and have pretty negative outlook. After all, if you trust specialists and their comments based on statistics. It is easy to trust these people and hey you must listen to what they say and think about your own personal future.


What makes an amazing future is not giving up. When my autobiography is finally printed. It will show up a lot of people. Yes, a lot of people.


My Diagnosis: Spinal and Head/Brain injuries. Now think about this. You’re reading this page and there are not many mistakes, it makes sense and yet. I had no real hope of ever working.

This is where having an injury actually made a difference. I really don’t know much pre-accident even 28 years later. But, when looking at the last 28 years.

It was making decisions and making Goals.Work Placements

Just think for a minute, how many goals have you actually made (if any) and actually completed. When saying completed you have a result which you are happy about?

Many people over the years have talked about “If only” “Maybe” “umm” and never really achieved much. Besides having a job, a mortgage, car, credit card etc.

Then many retired people have talked about “Only IF” or “I should of…”

Yet with all my injuries 10 goals which were started, done and completed.

If there is one thing you should think of

What is stopping you from creating the life you want now and in the future?

Think of those people who have succeeded with some disability in their life. What makes them become a goal seeker, Achiever

It’s like an insurance plan. You must have a plan just in case of…

No matter who you are. Think of your work placements if something happens.

It is so easy to say “It Won’t Happen To Me

What I do in case it happens again: Watch This Short Video

Always think of your work placements and make sure you have a Goal for the future.




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