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It’s a wonder that I’m here to tell this story. This is part of the Autobiography about how a car accident changed my life at 30. David Waters Car AccidentInjuries included Spinal, brain and a fracture and gravel rash.

This is my story of just after the accident and what changes take place. Remember one thing. They say “It will never happen to me” But over 2,300 people die on the road each day around the world and millions more have injuries from an accident. Think of this as you read first few days from an accident occurs.

Injuries included: Frontal Lobe Injury, Skull Fractures, spinal c6 & c7, Fracture Left Thumb, a lot of gravel and glass in the right arm. It was presumed the arm was thrown out the window at the time of accident, the window was in the up position)

Building Up to the Accident

In fact, I have no idea what occurred that day. As a diesel mechanic working on a mine site in Western Australia you get days of 40c (100F), it’s hot out in the desert and you’re wearing overalls, and maybe working on a 2,000 hp plus engine which just shut down and the bosses need you to make immediate repairs. It’s somewhat a normal day. Luckily you may have few problems and do minor work or hide in the air-conditioning comfort somewhere. Funny thing is your better to just stay in the heat or coming out of an air-conditioned room is like opening a door to a furnace.

It was a Hot January Day (This is as others tell me)

The plan was to drive to another mine-site nearby check over a Diesel Generator for problems and then return after fixing any problems or just check and return.

It was early morning and headed off to the mine site. On the way back it was sometime in the morning. The accident happened.

It was a well-laid gravel road and driving on a big long curve, the car rolled towards the inside of the curve. The car went off the road and they say it rolled 3 times and ended up on the wheels.

Not sure who found me and or how it happened.

The Rescue

Someone driving down the road saw the car wreck, luckily it is a reasonably busy road (well a few cars a day) for a way out in

the desert.

The guy found me still sitting in my seat and the driver’s side road was down against my head. Evidently, I was talking and just wanted to get out of the car. But, somehow he kept me in the car and alerted the medical staff at the mine site. As I was bleeding from the arm and head. It was obviously serious. All

All I want to do is get out of the car. So been kept in this position until the Royal Flying Doctors to arrive which was a while.

When they arrived soon shipped away to Kalgoorlie Hospital.

Australian Flying Doctors

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Police Attention

Of course, the police had a look at the scene, as it’s a serious accident and they needed to survey the scene. My blood was taken to check for alcohol and tests for any drugs. Both returned negative. Also no witnesses. A survey found that there was no obvious change of direction to miss a Kangaroo etc. Over time there were no problems found with the car etc.

There were no charges against me and the case remains open as an Act of God.

Each Week you will learn more about the accident and where I am today.

This will be in more detail in my Autobiography “Who am I?, Umm Who are You??

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The next post will be about what happened in Hospital!

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