Imagine this. Get it in your mind. There are choices in life and today this story is not Chosen

You wake up. You have no idea what the place is, what you are doing there and of the 6 beds (your in one) everyone else looks pretty messed up.

Think about it. You all of a sudden realize you’re in a hospital with a soft collar on.

That is something that would not happen to you eh? I used to think the same!!!

Then find out you had spinal and head injuries!

Following tests reveal that you have no real future as according to statistics 98% of people who have this injury have never been employed and that 2% would start a job as a cleaner or something like that.

Yeah, thats me to the Right now

Making choices in life before an accident

Most people who have never had an accident would have said “It will never happen to me.

Many people will go out of their way to have Car, House Insurance, even Pet insurance.

And never Consider “WHAT IF”

Not many people with spinal and head injuries have come out like I have. Was it luck or was it… Most people would not even know how serious my injuries are


They like maybe you are STUCK in a place of safety. What do you call SAFETY?

Most will say they have or seeking these

  1. Job
  2. House
  3. Car
  4. Family

Yet, they have this (Some more than others)

  • Credit Card Debt
  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Car Loan
  • Other Bills
  • Stress
  • 9-5 job, no job or rely on part-time work
  • Worry Money For Retirement

Is that Safety or Choices?

If that is your idea of safety, then that’s ok, yet many people are looking at doing better things, having money to retire and having a life that can make them happy. There is worry about Inflation, Job Security, Tomorrow if the news is anything to go by.

What gets me is

My life hasn’t been easy, it’s been hard work. Well since the 30, not really sure what happened in those first 30 years. But, I did what you all are doing, working, buying a house, car etc. There were  many choices to be made good and bad, the bad ones showed how to change the future and ensure the choices made in future were better.

So Now I’m writing this Autobiography (hopefully out early 2018)

Why is David Waters telling his story?

It’s about what my life. How I decided if I don’t take action, I will end up in a cheap house, maybe sleeping in the car, no money, relying on others to survive.

So you’re going to learn about why I started to achieve and

Conquer 10 Goals in Life.

How many Goals have you made and Completed? How many Goals are still in the to hard tray?

Goals Mine Completed Done

  1. Wrote a book with a Multimillion Dollar Businessman
  2. Ran a Marathon (3 hrs 20 min)
  3. Running a Department which Covered the South Pacific Region – Asia, Australia, New Zealand Way over to Hawaii
  4. Learnt, competed at Ballroom Dancing and Latin Winning competitions
  5. Started a healthcare business
  6. Self-taught HTML and created websites
  7. Touch Type 100 wpm in 3 days
  8. Documentary made of my life
  9. Public Speaking on business
  10. Worked with local, interstate and international sports stars
  11. Head trainer for a football club healthcare workers

What are the future goals 2018 – 2019

  • Complete my autobiography 2018
  • Working on a Confidence boosting, motivational course
  • Public Speaking

What was the hardest thing to cope with and what was the best thing that specialist told me?

Following tests reveal that you have no real future as according to statistics 98% of people who have this injury have never been employed and that 2% would start a job as a cleaner or something like that.

That haunted me for a while. Coming to the grips my life’s memory was wiped out. Not knowing the family, friends, where I was what was my job and how would the future roll out.

Yes, that’s David Waters, 2015 standing in front a camera telling my story, in Bali after a 10-day Diamond Mastermind.

Imagine after 20 odd years, that I would have traveled the world to places like Fiji, Mexico, USA, Bali, around Australia and New Zealand.

What is your story?

Many talks about their debt after a few drinks, some ache, and pain, talking about TV last night watching other people doing funny things or some ghastly murder.

When you decide to make a difference. Its about making the right choices in life.

I’m creating a Course in Motivation, Confidence and taking oneself more seriously.

Also showing people how to make an Income which will take pressure off their Credit Card.

Have just a debit card that pays no interest and having the money on hand to pay for any serious problem.

i.e car breakdown, Electrical Good Failure etc.

It is your life, it is your destiny.

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I still think after a head and Spinal Injury If it is possible for me to do this.

What is stopping you making a better life for yourself? And be Ready, if something Did Happen?

Remember this over 3,000 people die each day on the road and about 30 million are injured. How many think like you? Won’t it‘ happen to me?

So, if it did happen again.

A plan is in place

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Mind you I understand if you want to keep living as you are.

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