My Autobiography – The Book Is Coming

“Who Am I?” or “Who Are You?”

This is the choice of names of my Autobiography/Motivation book. It is currently been reviewed and corrected by an author. Really hope it will be out in the next 6 months Early 2018 at the very latest.

This is my story of recovery from

  • Spinal injuries c5/c6
  • Frontal Lobe Damage


When you know my story you will understand the reason for the Title. Each title has a specific meaning and yet to work out which is best is a story in itself.

If I knew you when I was 29 after my accident at 30 to this day I probably still have no idea I knew you. In fact, I met my best schoolmate about 10 years after the accident. Or should I say I met a guy who knew me very well and I have no idea who it was not even facial recognition?

yet, I’ve achieved 10 very different things in my last 28 years especially in the first 15 that most people would be lucky to have achieved 5 of them at most.

Two Examples

  1. Ran a Marathon (spinal injuries)
  2. South Pacific Regional Manager (brain injuries)
  3. etc

My concern is for Life as We Know It!

You see there are many people on this planet and there are so few success stories. Stories of people who are in a place they are truly happy.

Just think about that. The majority of people carry a something on their shoulders and have some degree of a problem making a difference in their life from the day they were born.

How often do you people say

  • If only
  • I wish
  • Maybe
  • etc

It’s the feeling of how do you become better, there are those people out there who are successful and have made a difference. Then there are the people who just do it! My Autobiography/Motivation book will make you think and realize your future is still open to change.

My story is very complex and the book will be valuable reading.

You see when listening to people speaking they seem to have this “Only If or I can’t” mentality.

To me, it seems such a needless waste of life.

When you sit in a bar, around the coffee machine, the comments are more negative than positive in the way they talk about Autobiographyother peoples successes or failures and laugh at something from TV when in fact they could be doing the same thing in real life.

Isn’t it funny to listen to people having to have entertainment and if they were to go out and have a good time? Is it possible to be successful or is it better to sit and watch the TV, computer etc. Think to yourself Who Am I?

Oh, we must have our Smart Phone, oh we need a drink for nerves, there is so much tension within us to wake the dead. The autobiography will give you story of hope, laughter, sadness, Dreams, failures, Goals and Success that a person without an injury should have no reason to pass.

It might be hard, thinking, if I have a brain injury but managed to get the goals I wanted in life that people without an injury still have trouble to come to terms with.

This book will give you a new look at life and what is possible.

Watch this space as I update the past, present, and future.

Who Am I The Autobiography

Watch out for my book an Autobiography and Motivational experience.

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