ASTM A Standard Specification for Axle-Steel Deformed And Plain Bars For Concrete Reinforcement. Be notified when this Standard is updated or. ASTM BAR SIZES, GRADES AND MARKING REQUIREMENTS No. •. Rail Steel. #3-# •. No. •. A #3-#5. •. No. A. Axle Steel. #6-# •. Yes. A. #3-# 5. Internet Archive BookReader. ASTM A Axle-Steel Deformed and Plain Bars for Concrete Reinforcement. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled .

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The manufacture of reinforcing steel by re-rolling finished products e. This is a particular problem where the concrete is exposed to salt water, as in bridges where salt is applied to roadways in winter, or in marine applications.

Retrieved 29 November These include Joseph-Louis Lambot of France, who built reinforced concrete boats in Paris and Thaddeus Hyatt of the United States, who produced and tested reinforced concrete beams. Other readily available types include stainless steel, and composite bars made of glass fibercarbon fiberor basalt fiber.

Material specifications set the requirements for grades as well as additional properties such as, chemical composition, minimum elongation, physical tolerances, etc.

Byer Steel Group – A Axle Grade Rebar

It was, however, concluded that both failures were the consequences of poor quality astmm. The rebars in the cages are connected by spot weldingtying steel wire, sometimes using an electric rebar tieror with mechanical connections.

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. It is available in many forms, such as spirals for reinforcing columns, common rods, and meshes. More stringent criteria also requires the development of the specified ultimate strength of the rebar.


The cast iron [ citation needed ] used for the rebar was of high quality, and there is no corrosion on the bars to this day. Without special consideration the only rebar that is ready to weld is W grade Low-alloy — A In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

ASTM A – – Axle-Steel Deformed and Plain Bars for Concrete Reinforcement | QuestIn

Too much concrete cover can cause bigger crack widths which also compromises the local guard. Sometimes limitations on available material grades for specific bar sizes is related to the manufacturing process used, as well as the availability of controlled quality raw materials used. The steel reinforcing bars may also be coated in an epoxy resin designed to resist the effects of corrosion mostly in saltwater environments, but also land based constructions.

Stainless steel rebar with low magnetic permeability is available and is sometimes used to avoid magnetic interference issues. The rebars are placed by steel fixers “rodbusters” or concrete reinforcing iron workers, with bar supports and concrete or plastic rebar spacers separating the rebar from the concrete formwork to establish concrete cover and ensure that proper embedment is achieved.

His twisted rebar was, however, not initially appreciated and even ridiculed at the Technical Society of California, where members stated that the twisting would weaken the iron. There are no fractional bar sizes in this system. By default in New Zealand practice all stirrups are normally interpreted as being full, closed, loops. FRP rebar, notably glass fibre types have low electrical conductivity and are non-magnetic which is commonly used for such needs.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. The use of the ” ” sign is a671 for US sizes, however “No. Stirrups form the outer part of a rebar cage. He used twisted rebar in this structure. The ” ” symbol in this system indicates the number signand thus ” 6″ is read as “number six”.

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The a671 is partially straightened, bundled and sold. Rebar that is not produced to the ASTM A specification is generally not suitable for welding without calculating the “carbon-equivalent”. Retrieved 15 November This page was last edited on 26 Novemberat ASTM A asstm an example of a controlled property range material specification which has a minimum yield strength of 60 ksi MPamaximum yield strength of 78 ksi MPaminimum tensile strength of 80 ksi MPa and not less than 1.

Steel has a thermal expansion coefficient nearly equal to that of modern concrete.

Archived from the original PDF on This is a detailing requirement for concrete ductility in seismic zones; If a single strand of stirrup with a hook at each end was required, this would typically be both specified and illustrated.

Kent Loftin and Jonathan T. Rebars are ribbed so that the concrete can have a better grip.

Each set consists of two ties, which is usually illustrated. Bamboo has been shown to be a viable alternative to reinforcing steel in concrete construction.

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Coastal regions use galvanized rebars to prolong their life. Metric bar designations represent the nominal bar diameter in millimetres.

Retrieved 28 November Requirements for deformations on steel bar reinforcement were not standardized in U.