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How has the Lebanese press performed in responding to and covering the Arab spring? Real Estate No Holds Barred Strong demand for reconstruction and housing is keeping egyypt building industry booming, while ambitious companies are gaining experience abroad. All Thomson Reuters websites use cookies to improve your online experience. Local industry has a knack for artisan and high-quality goods, though the bigger players in heavy industry should not be forgotten. In past decades we have witnessed a change in the Middle East, with a clear tendency toward a corporate environment from family-owned or managed groups.

Al Waseet Newspaper Jobs

Jabbra, President of the Lebanese American University, on the uniqueness of the institution, expansion, and cooperation with alwaseeg private sector. Air Transport Air Links Increasing visibility and an expanding airport are turning Lebanon into both a destination and a hub.

The industry includes companies involved in the production, modification, transfer, distribution, replication, or publishing of media content through television, radio, film and video, magazines, newspapers, books, billboards, electronic devices, and computer networkscompanies engaged in media-related services such as contracting with performers, providing technical pre-production, post-production, or publishing services, manufacturing related equipment and products, as well as companies involved alwaeset the distribution, reproduction, and sales of media content.

They were placed on your computer when you launched this website. Year In Review The Strong Cedar Lebanon is an oft-overlooked leading center for finance, tourism, and trade in the East Mediterranean region that managed to ride through the global financial crisis on the back of a resilient banking industry, surging tourism receipts, and a real estate sector that showed no sign of weakness.

AWI was chosen because of the unique business alwasedt that it represents and the in-depth search for content excellence and credible news. A unique country geographically, politically, and historically, Lebanon’s business environment is also exceptional. Strength at Home, Strength Alwaseey.

Mikati, Prime Minister of Lebanon, on his economic policies, the role of consensus building, and his vision for Lebanon’s geopolitical strategy. Dealers Let’s Cruise High consumer spending levels and customer-focused, dedicated dealers are keeping the market for cars and boats booming. Strong human capital and a unique location are also increasing the country’s attractiveness eggpt foreign investors.


Lebanon’s historical challenges have created an iron-clad, risk-averse banking system. The advertising trends in Lebanon are theme-centered; brands go where the consumers’ consumption patterns are headed for the season.

Only the new electronic social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are credited with sparking and fanning the flames of the Arab revolutions and making a difference. What have been the main sources of income?

National Investment announces merger of Al Seef, Al Waseet

Increasing visibility and an expanding airport are turning Lebanon into both a egypf and a hub. Lebanese business is braced for faster internet connections, and foreign companies are working to help make it happen.

We have always explored franchising, even though most of our expansion is based on true ownership. Economy Eypt in Its Step Lebanon’s economy showed alwxseet signs of growth throughout the global financial crisis, and is looking to bounce back from a sluggish With a strong regulatory framework and regional potential, Lebanon has long been alwaset to foreign banks, which are constantly upgrading their operations.

You can change your cookie settings through your browser. Remittances Where the Heart Is The size of Lebanon’s diaspora community has helped stabilize the home economy and act as a major source of liquidity and FDI. Nevertheless, we are considering corporate investments to further expand our business models and brands.

Hamad, President of the Municipal Council of Beirut, on measures to improve the administration, major projects, and alwaseer for the future of the city. Thomson Reuters neither endorses nor is responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the information, opinion, advice or statement made on this company.

Traditionally a summer destination, Lebanon is moving to catch all through the promotion of its growing ski facilities and unique mix of sun and snow. A bastion of economic growth in the region, Lebanon is among those leading the FDI charge in the Arab world.

Al-Waseet for Advertising & Publication

Should Lebanon be successful, it will finally throw off its energy shortage worries for the coming generations. The country is an exception compared to its Arab neighbors in terms of pluralism of the press and broad range of readers. Accountancy Number Crunch Understanding Lebanon’s straight-forward tax code is the first step to doing smart business in the country.

Insurance Life Lines Lebanon’s insurance industry is seeing steady growth in both life and non-life lines. What innovations in the print media business model do you believe are egypf in the age of the internet?

Start-Ups From Cradle to Boardroom Signs that Lebanon is developing a flourishing tech community are on the rise thanks to improving internet connectivity, a skilled workforce, and angel investors. Known for its quality throughout the region, Lebanon’s healthcare sector is beginning to throw off the shackles of the past and provide a more balanced package of care.


Three top industry figures discuss the rollout of 3G. The company is now able to detail business processes from marketing protocols to distribution methodologies.

Con its transition alwaseeet a multinational firm, the role of technology, and its latest projects. TBY talks to Georges Chehwane, Chairman of Plus Holding, on potential alwsaeet the construction sector, the effect of foreign and diaspora demand, and the Plus Towers project.

With imports the only solution to satisfy the country’s growing need for energy, fuel distributors are hoping for improved margins and a more liberalized wholesale and retail market. TBY talks to Najib A. Lebanon is well respected by those in the know for its laissez-faire trading traditions, strong banking sector, and pro-free market attitude that has allowed it to prosper under conditions that would represent a challenge to most.

A small population hasn’t deterred investors from getting involved in Lebanon’s booming FMCG sector, with many choosing to base operations in the country and local companies using it as a testing ground for the MENA region. Lebanon has always been a center of attraction for Mediterranean trade.

Al-waseet For Advertising & Publication, 22 Syria St.

TBY talks to Fady Abboud, Minister of Tourism, on reform in the tourism sector, growth areas, and perceptions of the country around the world. Multi-faceted and steeped egyot tradition, Lebanon’s tourism sector looks to overcome regional challenges and continue being a significant contributor to GDP.

Should the electricity question finally be solved, Lebanon’s GDP will receive a well-needed boost. El Jisr, President of the Council for Development and Reconstruction, on the role of the Council, its major projects, and sources of funding. Media Many Voices Unlike most of its neighbors, Lebanon’s media has been well known for its diverse perspectives and respect for freedom of speech. Lebanon has developed a mining sector that supports its construction materials sector, while making a name for itself internationally with its natural stone varieties.

The Beirut bourse is introducing a new independent regulator to help renew confidence egylt the potential of local capital markets, while thin volumes are beginning to reveal geypt value plays for stock pickers.