Advaita Bodha Deepika The Lamp of Non-Dual Knowledge One of the few books highly spoken of by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi ADVA1TA BODHA. 15 Jul Sri Karapatra Swami Advaita Bodha Deepika (p). Topics TextsRecommendedByRamanaMaharshi. Collection opensource. Language. 16 Sep Advaita Bodha Deepika or The Lamp of Non-dual Knowledge now available as a free PDF Ebook. Originally Sri Shankaracharya and other.

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Only the mind must be made still.

Sri Karapatra Swami Advaita Bodha Deepika ( 114p)

Transcending all, the Self has nothing in common with worldly things or activities; It transcends the void also; hence the experience is unique and unearthly. This is clear from the Sruti which says that Maya gave rise to the illusions of Isvara and the jivas, and from the Vasishta advaita bodha deepika where Vasishta says that as if by magic the latencies dance about in the mind as, he-I-you-this-that-my son-property etc.

Vasishta also has said to the same effect. When it is said that in dissolution all are withdrawn from manifestation and remain unmanifest, it means advaita bodha deepika the jivas, all the universe, advaita bodha deepika Isvara have advaita bodha deepika become unmanifest.

By its practice the mind becomes tranquil and can gradually go to drepika. Together the vital, the mental and the intellectual sheaths form the subtle body. The purity of the seeker’s mind is the sole means for realisation and not shastra nor the guru. The realised sages declare that the mind has its root in non-enquiry and perishes by an informed enquiry. Just as the sunrise dispels the darkness of night so also the light of knowledge deepka the darkness of Ignorance.

Therefore it cannot be said to vanish fruitlessly as nothing. From the fear of recurring births and deaths.

Advaita Bodha Deepika

His pride is of his sovereignty. You are not right. In the one we say advaita bodha deepika is not” and in the other “It does not shine forth. Discernment viveka can arise only in a purified mind.


Tom rated it it was amazing Jul 04, If not found in all everywhere but seen only within, as the inner Self witnessing the five sheaths, how can It know all? Moreover simultaneous with the final annihilation ofjiva- hood by knowledge the others also are finally annihilated along with it. Thus the names and forms which appear as the universe, make up the superimposition.

Mahesh rated it really liked it Nov 25, Sravana consists in ascertaining, by means of the six proofs considered together, that the Vedas aim at advaita bodha deepika non-dual Brahman only. But this Advaita bodha deepika is itself false.

The mind of the yogi who always practises yoga, will be steady like a flame protected from the breeze and adviata movement will pass into samadhi. Dispassion is implied in all austerities; the mind too remains one advaita bodha deepika for tapasvis; yet they cannot enquire into the Self. Similarly the experiences of past lives have advaita bodha deepika affected by comas and deaths so that the present setting is different from the past ones and the same experience repeated in a different way cannot recall the past.

As the blissful sheath, it is ignorant; this ignorance is recognised later. True, the Self cannot be found in the shastras.

Moreover being a knower at one time, and not knower at another time, the intellectual sheath cannot be the witness. Which of these is essential advaita bodha deepika which part of enquiry will be mentioned in its appropriate place.

Full text of “advaitha bhodha deepika”

Filled with love and hate, transgressing the code of conduct by acting according to greed, and otherwise enjoying himself advaita bodha deepika to his own sweet will, after death he passed to hell. A hare’s horn is mere sound having no significance. Always to direct the thought with subtle reasoning upon the non-dual Self that is now known indirectly, is called reflection.


Therefore it is material. This is within the experience of perfectly clear-sighted great sages established in the non-dual Reality, beyond the jivas, Isvara advaita bodha deepika jagat. Isvara is thus the product of Maya and He cannot advaita bodha deepika the origin of His origin. In Chitra Deepika, Advaita bodha deepika Vidyaranyaswami has said that enquiry is the means of knowledge and it consists in hearing the Truth, reflection and meditation; only the state of blissful Peace of awareness in which Brahman alone exists and nothing advaita bodha deepika, is the true “nature” of Knowledge; the non-revival of the knot of the ego parading as “I” which has been lost once for all, is its “effect”; always to remain fixed as ‘I am the Supreme Self just as strongly, unequivocally and unerringly as the heretofore ignorant identification “I am the body” is its end; liberation is its fruit.

What is this indirect knowledge? But sages who had attained Supreme Knowledge through enquiry, say, “Like a mother burnt down to ashes by her daughter, Maya reduced to ashes by Knowledge is non existent at any time.

Furthermore the very fact of occasional disgust with the body etc. Is there any authority for this statement?

Advaita Bodha Deepika – Wikipedia

Where is this alternative mentioned and how? The experiencer of this subtle state is known as the taijasa.

See how an ordinary magician can make a whole audience see a celestial city in mid air or how you can yourself create a wonderful world of your advaita bodha deepika in your dreams. The figures can be only as real as the painting itself.