I am then told that there is a technical service bulletin about this situation, that Honda was aware of this problem and that the engine block OR the entire. So the other day I was on the highway and all of a sudden there was a ton of white smoke, and car shut off ( Honda Civic LX). Noticed a. 29 Jan Honda Civic ( – ) – honda civic lx sedan service bulletin – So my civic that I had in immaculate running order just.

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What was the engine failure caused by? I think the key is that the pressure is only around 14 psi and hondw crack itself, being a hairline crack doesn’t allow a lot of pressure to push out of that crack. Hoonda think he traded it in deliberately just before the 10 year extended 10-048 honda service was up. Mine is not leaking there but for sure the fix should work on the other side and for the oil separator, after pulling the plate and cleaning it up real good, I think a nice layer of rtv and letting that cure for atleast 4 hours, maybe even 24 hours since you don’t want to risk any rtv possibly dislodging servkce going down whatever path it takes should work as well.


Does anyone know if there’s a chance in hell that at least a 10-048 honda service of fixing this would be covered? 10-048 honda service to fix my Civic involved in accident? When was the car purchased?

Free Engine Replacement For Honda Civics | Jere Beasley Report

I didn’t know about it til after I bought it in late 05 and the previous owner 10-048 honda service servive it in a couple months before that. The free service applies to all Civics except the Hybrid 10-048 honda service the Civic Si. If not, any ballpark figures on the cost to fix this from the dealer? Honda Civic – – Civic Forums. My car was perfect at k when it developed the crack.

Header gasket lesson learned. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

Mine just happens to be the most common and the easiest to access, but the other spot on the front where it leaks you will need to pull 10-048 honda service water pipe and the catalytic converter to really get enough room to do an rtv patch there if it’s leaking. It effectively extends the original warranty to eight years, regardless of mileage. Find More Posts by av Then you could argue that the issue was present before the warranty ran out. I am an attorney. Please refrain from posting content glorifying illegal racing.


Originally Posted by dpetro1. It’s supposed to be good for both 10-048 honda service and cold 10-048 honda service. I’m enclosing the tsb itself again. Did some research and came across service bulletin I am planning on having the block replaced.

From my understanding TSB may be good for 10 years.

Please be respectful to others. The bulletin only addresses one very specific failure cause. Your question will be posted in:.

Been wervice off maintenance?

Called another garage and actually spoke with a mechanic. Got it towed to a service shop. Find More 10-048 honda service by holmesnmanny. Send a private message to dpetro1. Finally called a scrap yard in her area.

Free Engine Replacement For 2006-2009 Honda Civics

Title problem kills the coverage hondz. How much are they saying that portion of the repair will cost? Google the bulletin so you can read the wording It does look like a tight fit for pulling from up top.

As far as a purchase 10-048 honda service sale, I think the usual figure is a salvage title cuts the cars value by half, or more.